Sega Launches Urine Powered Video Game For Urinals [Video]

Sega has not built a video game console since 2001 after Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony pushed the former gaming console giant out of that part of the gaming sector but now Sega has returned with the “Toylet” a video game console and game that is played simply by peeing into a urinal.

The toylet was announced in late 2011 and is now being installed at various locations throughout Japan where gaming enthusiasts.

The system operates by connecting directly to urinals in public bathrooms, as users urinate on a sensor which is connected to the main gaming device the program is displayed to each player.

Games include filling up a virtual coffee cup and blowing win up a cartoon news anchor’s dress among others.

While the game may be fun for the few seconds it’s used, the Toylet definitely is not cheap at a cost of $1,750 per unit.

It’s not cheap but bar owners could find the novelty to be a huge hit at locations where heavy drinkers are likely to hit the head multiple times throughout the night, perhaps even drinking extra alcoholic beverages to see if they can beat their personal scores and the scores of their friends.

Still can’t believe the Toylet actually exists? Here’s a video of the “gaming” system in action including a peek at the urinal setup and actual software:

[iframe src=”” width=”480? height=”360?]

Would you be willing to urinate into a urinal that is attached to a video game system or do you prefer to avoid urination competition in public?

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