‘The Daily Show’ To Undergo Revamp By Trevor Noah

The Daily Show is going to undergo some changes before the new season emerges this fall. As The Daily Show passes hands from Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah, the feel and the general focus of the show will shift.

Trevor Noah has to please fans who have grown to love The Daily Show the way Jon Stewart concocted it over the past 16 years. As expectations rise in the lead up to The Daily Show’s September 28 season start, a question remains if fans can be receptive to the new host.

For one thing, Noah is younger, and his perspectives on the news and how it is delivered are different. The funny takes on all that is going on in the world will see a more international, perhaps more racially diverse approach.

Noah comes from South Africa and is of mixed descent. He got his start on The Daily Show as a correspondent under Stewart in 2014. Stewart expressed confidence in the 31-year-old’s talent.

Noah told Entertainment Weekly the fundamental shift in tone fans of The Daily Show are likely to see.

The Daily Show was based on an emerging 24 hour news cycle, that’s everything it was. That’s what inspired The Daily Show. Now you look at news and it’s changed. It’s no longer predicated around 24 hour news. There are so many different choices. Half of it is online now. Now you’ve got the Gawkers, the BuzzFeeds. The way people are drawing their news is soundbites and headlines and click-bait links has changed everything. The biggest challenge is going to be an exciting one I’m sure is how are we going to bring all of that together looking at it from a bigger lens as opposed to just going after one source—which was historically Fox News.”

So Noah will take The Daily Show in a more millennials-focused direction. The approach is geared towards people who consume their news the way Noah does.

Jon Stewart’s run ended just this past Thursday. He’s been shy to tell fans what his plans are next. TV execs and fans are already looking forward to seeing more from him.

Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless teased CNN about Stewart’s future plans.

“I know for sure we have not seen the last of Jon Stewart, he truly has other creative aspirations.”

But there is no talk regarding how soon fans will see more of his creative work as he rests after cementing a 16-year legacy at The Daily Show.

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