Jordan Spieth, Girlfriend Annie Verret Like To Keep Their Relationship Private

Jordan Spieth and girlfriend Annie Verret may be the new “it” couple in the world of golf and beyond, but the childhood sweethearts like to keep their relationship on the down-low.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jordan Spieth’s girlfriend, Annie Verret, practically stole the show from her handsome fella after he won the U.S. Open Championship in April when she congratulated Spieth with a sweet kiss on national television.

With a tender embrace, the couple entered the hearts of die-hard golfing aficionados, as well as the general public, and people can’t seem to get enough of the young lovers.

Unfortunately, for those accustomed to being able to follow the goings-on of celebrities on social media, “Jordannie” has been rather elusive.

Apart from an Instagram shot from a vacation with friends in June, there has not been much to learn about what Jordan Spieth and girlfriend Annie Verret have been up to.

Jordan Spieth met Annie Verret in high school when she was at the all-girls Ursuline Academy in Dallas, Texas, and he was at the all-boys Jesuit College Preparatory School nearby.

Spieth — whose rivalry with Rory McIlroy should be heating back up with Rory’s return after an ankle injury — and Verret continued to date throughout college, despite the fact Jordan Spieth attended the University of Texas, where he led the golf team to multiple championships, including the NCAA title during his sophomore year. Annie Verret, meanwhile, attended business school at Texas Tech, earning a 4.0 GPA and her name on both the dean’s list and President’s Honor Roll.

Jordan Spieth and Annie Verret, who currently works as an event coordinator at The First Tee of Greater Dallas, which helps underprivileged kids find a passion for the game of golf, seem to lead a rather simple life, despite Jordan’s astronomical rise to fame, according to the Sun Times.

Annie Verret maintains a very quiet existence, keeping both her Twitter and Instagram accounts private.

As for Jordan, many have praised him for his maturity. In a column for the Washington Post, Thomas Boswell, marveled at Jordan Spieth and the level-head he brings to the sporting arena.

“In normal human development, 21-year-olds are only supposed to be partially formed, ill-suited to seeing all the sides of complicated issues, and at times they’re just jerks. Years later, that all gets sorted out, and we meet the person they become. Spieth has shattered that view. Many say he’s just what U.S. golf needs.”

Many fans of Jordan Spieth and girlfriend Annie Verret are hoping to catch another glimpse of the couple together at the PGA Championship next week and another little kiss would do nicely.

[Image via Instagram/Jordan Spieth]

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