Justin Bieber Offers To Go To Homecoming Dance With SpeciaI Fan — Thanks To The Rock

Justin Bieber has responded to an invitation to take a young fan, who won homecoming queen, to her homecoming dance — and the “matchmaker” was none other than Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson is pals with a teenage girl named Lexi, who is a fan of both The Rock and Justin Bieber. After Dwayne’s most recent meet with the young fan on Friday in a gym, the actor-wrestler shared a heartfelt message about her on Instagram.

He recalled, “Every time Lexi has to go to the hospital for a treatment she always says, ‘I gotta be strong cause the Rock told me to be strong!’ ”

Referring to Lexi’s undisclosed medical condition, Johnson added that hearing that Lexi takes his pic to the hospital for inspiration gave him “instant perspective (and gratitude).”

Dwayne continued, “Hey, look I got some pretty cool things going on in my life. I believe in hard work and little luck to get ya by… but moments like this with Lexi will always be the… best part of my fame. We all play a part in it ya know? And I appreciate I can share it with y’all,” he wrote to his followers.

In a video posted later, Johnson revealed that he and The Biebs were Lexi’s two choices to be her homecoming dance date.

During the clip, when Dwayne asked the teenager “who’s better,” Lexi adamantly replied, “Bieber.”

“Damn you Bieber! #SheClearlyDidntGetTheMemo #PricelessMoment,” Johnson joked alongside the clip. Shortly after tweeting the same message, Bieber replied to The Rock.

The superstar tweeted, “when is the dance? Hit scooter and let us know.” The 21-year-old also quipped, “And no worries. You are her second favorite ;)”

As it turns out, the homecoming dance has already happened. And Dwayne and Justin had a very sweet exchange when Johnson told him.

Take a look at the posts below and let us know what you think of this heartwarming story.


The Rock’s second post about Lexi.


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