Valerie Bertinelli, Scale Tossed After 40-Lb Weight Loss, Talks ‘Hot’ Betty White’s Diet & Cooking Show [Video]

Valerie Bertinelli has tossed the scale after a 40-pound weight loss. Valerie, who used the Jenny Craig diet program for her slim-down, has succeeded in maintaining most of her weight loss for eight years, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Bertinelli did regain 15 pounds, but refuses to become obsessed with the scale.

“It’s always going to be a struggle for me for my entire life,” said Valerie. “I’m going to have up days and down days.”

A bright spot in Bertinelli’s life is her new show on the Food Network. It debuted August 8, and provides viewers with secret recipes from her family heritage.

Valerie’s Home Cooking show will begin with appearances from the other stars of Hot in Cleveland, including Betty White, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick.

And it’s not her Food Network show but co-star Betty, 93, who made Bertinelli nervous, reported ABC News.

White has a rather unusual diet.

“It was a little nerve-racking because Betty doesn’t like too many things,” revealed Valerie. “She likes tuna fish, she likes hot dogs, she likes Red Vines (candy) and vodka. So what am I going to make for Betty?”

Aware that White likes tuna salad, Bertinelli whipped up a recipe.

But as a young girl, Valerie recalls that garlic was the theme of most of their meals.

“Food, God and garlic in our house,” laughed the 55-year-old actress.

Bertinelli has signed on for 10 episodes of Valerie’s Home Cooking, and is dreaming of a success that will result in more episodes.

As for ditching the scale, Valerie admitted that she had to go on a sugar detox diet following a gig as Kids Baking Championship co-host that required tasting some sugar-heavy treats.

“When the Food Network came on, I had it on all the time in my house,” she said. “Some people had CNN on, I had the Food Network going on all the time. To be on it now is really surreal.”

But not so positive is the fact that Bertinelli’s beloved Hot In Cleveland has been cancelled.

“Then they canceled us because they wanted to put on younger shows,” she said of the reason that the show will no longer be produced after six successful seasons.

As the Inquisitr reported, Maggie Gyllenhaal recently charged that Hollywood is sexist and ageist after the 37-year-old actress was told that she is too old to play the role of a lover to a 55-year-old actor.

In addition to her cooking show, Valerie loves to talk about her son Wolfgang. The 24-year-old is succeeding with his dream job of rocking out like dad Eddie Van Halen.

But when Bertinelli heard Wolfgang singing his own songs, she wept.

“I said, ‘Thanks a lot for that, Wolfie!’,” she said. “‘Now I have to put on a whole new face of makeup.’ I was sobbing.”

[Image Via Food Network/Valerie’s Home Cooking]

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