Aziz Ansari’s New Show ‘Master Of None’ Doubles As ‘Parks And Recreation’ Reunion

Aziz Ansari is the Master of None on his new show. And now we know a lot more about the comedian who started out performing stand-up in New York City when he was 17 and who has a new sitcom on Netflix, slated to release in November this year.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Master of None will derive most of its material from Aziz Ansari’s stand-up routines, meaning it will be more personal than any of his previous acts. So personal, in fact, that Aziz Ansari has decided to rope in his parents for cameos in the show, as reported by Deadline. Aziz Ansari spoke about this unique casting decision.

“There are not a ton of old Indian guys that are actors, and I feel my dad is uniquely funny.”

But other than Aziz Ansari’s parents, the rest of the cast will be comprised of professional actors. Claire Danes stars on Master of None as Ansari’s love interest, while Noah Emmerich (The Americans), Colin Salmon (Arrow), H. Jon Benjamin (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp), and fellow stand-up comedian Todd Barry will also feature on the show, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Pedestrian revealed the rather unusual premise of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None.

“… the personal and professional life of Dev (Ansari), who has trouble deciding what he wants to eat, much less the pathway for the rest of his life. Dev’s story takes him through subjects as diverse as the plight of the elderly, the immigrant experience, and dating.”

The series will bring most members of the acclaimed sitcom Parks and Recreation together, with Alan Young, Mike Shrur, David Milner and Dave Becky firmly on board. Apart from writing and starring in Master of None, Aziz Ansari will also act as the executive producer of the show.

However, even if the show is inspired by Aziz Ansari’s own life conundrums, he warned his audience against assuming that Dev’s character is completely based on him. In fact, he had another interesting reference point for the protagonist of Master of None.

“We saw this as a huge opportunity… we pushed ourselves to make stuff we were proud of and interesting stories we couldn’t tell elsewhere… I didn’t want to be a comedian. It’s different if the guy isn’t recognizable… He has a lot of the same thoughts and worries — it’s like in Woody Allen movies, it’s the same f***ing guy.”

Wow. Wouldn’t we want to see the 70s hipster-intellectual in a cool Indian avatar? If Aziz Ansari’s recent appearance onThe Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon is anything to go by, Ansari’s new show is going to be that perfect combination of clever and witty.

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