Rob Lowe, John Stamos ‘Dating For Years’? ‘Fuller House’ Star Takes Advantage Of Promo

Rob Lowe and John Stamos have never been on screen together, but they share one thing in common. Despite their age, they both still manage to turn heads.

What we didn’t expect was the idea that they’ve been turning each others’ heads. A joke perpetuated by the Fuller House star revealed that the two may be involved in a relationship.

Before George Takei can say “Oh myyy,” it’s probably not what Stamos was talking about when he heckled Lowe over a particularly strange question. It was during a promo for Rob’s upcoming TV series Grinder that he was asked if he and John ever bonded over their handsomeness.

Rob Lowe took the opportunity to run with a joke about a club for handsome men, originating from a sketch on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

“As a founding member of Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club, Stamos has been up for membership. So far, the board hasn’t voted him in yet. David Beckham has blackballed him every time he’s gotten close. I am looking forward to when John eventually makes it in. It’s a wonderful club.”

Rob Lowe’s joke got John Stamos involved more than he was allegedly expecting as Uncle Jesse yelled from the back, “Rob, tell the truth, we’ve dated for years!”

Stamos was there to promote his TV series Grandfathered and couldn’t help bringing the joke to another level. According to Us Magazine, he had heard the line of questions from inside the restroom and came out just to say his line.

Lowe continued the joke, insinuating that the two had actually met before.

“There’s a rumor that in my lost decade that I may or may not have sat on the lifeguard tower on the Beach Boys concert as John was playing the drums. There’s talks I did it. I’ve seen footage of it. But I have very little memory. Yes, that was my John Stamos moment. And he’s a hell of a drummer!”

While Rob Lowe may have been joking, John Stamos actually had been friends with the Beach Boys and played drums for them on occasion. The friendship had even extended to the band’s guest appearance on Full House.

After this shared joke, we might even see the producers of the two’s TV series actually set up cameos for the two actors. It might get an additional chuckle to see Rob Lowe and John Stamos together on the small screen after their recent interaction.

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