Kylie Vs. Kim: Is Kylie Jenner Taking Over As The Kardashian Fashion Queen?

Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday is just days away, and according to sources, Kylie would really like to step out from behind her older sister’s shadow.

In fact, some news outlets are reporting that Kylie Jenner is ready to become the face of the Kardashian clan. Hollywood Life explains the transition.

“Kim K has been the queen Kardashian for a long time, but now it sounds like Kylie is getting ready to come for her crown.”

In order to become the Kardashian leading lady, Kylie Jenner first has to separate and differentiate herself from Kim, which is exactly what sources say Kylie is trying to do from a fashion standpoint. In fact, a source told Hollywood Life that Kylie thinks her youth allows her to wear sexier clothes than Kim. At 17, Kylie Jenner is half Kim Kardashian’s age.

“[Kylie] doesn’t think Kim can pull off some of the outfits Kylie does. As a mom some of the sexy outfits Kylie wears just wouldn’t be a good look for Kim. It bothers Kylie that she doesn’t get as much credit as she should for her fashion choices and individual style. Still she isn’t going to change for Kim, Kanye or anyone else.”

The source went on to say that, at 34-years-old, Kim isn’t as hip to fashion trends as she used to be. Kim’s age and her role as a mother have made it more difficult for Kim to keep up with fashion trends, the source told Hollywood Life.

“Kylie is not copying Kim. In fact, she thinks Kim often copies her style! Kim is a mom and doesn’t have her finger on the pulse of young people’s style and fashion like she used to.”

On Thursday, Kanye West accused Kylie of copying Kim’s fashion, telling Kylie to create her own signature style and look. According to a different Hollywood Life article, Kanye is a big supporter of Kylie Jenner, but he believes she needs to become her own person. It seems as if Kanye might be telling Kylie to step out from behind Kim’s shadow, too.

Shortly after Kanye told Kylie to develop her own style, Kylie Jenner debuted a totally new hair color: blonde.

What do you think? Do you think Kylie Jenner is poised to become the new fashion queen of the Kardashian clan? Do you think Kylie Jenner copies Kim Kardashian’s style?

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