Madonna’s Latest Video Gets Over 80 Million Views As MTV Petition Gets Almost 500 Signatures

Bi**h, she’s Madonna. And whether or not you like her, she can add another huge hit to her collection of hits, which rivals just about any artist in history. The video for “Bi*ch I’m Madonna” has racked up over 80 million views since its debut less than two months ago. It’s quite true that not everybody likes the video. After all, the Daily Beast called the video “sad.”

“‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ is absolutely pointless. At worst, it’s desperate. At best, it’s just dumb.”

Perhaps the Daily Beast didn’t get the humor of the video or the fact that in both the song and video, Madonna is making fun of herself and the “old lady trying to be desperate” image people have of her. Jason Lipshutz of Billboard has a more positive viewpoint on Madonna’s latest.

“Essentially, Madonna has pulled a Queen of Pop move with this one: she opened her Rolodex, surrounded herself with high-profile collaborators and moved the needle. At the end of the day, it’s cool to have Beyonce vogue-ing in your music video! And she can do it, because bitch, she’s… well, you know.”

Despite being one of Madonna’s biggest hit videos ever, “Bi*ch I’m Madonna” did not get one MTV VMA Award nomination. Madonna fans joined Nicki Minaj fans in writing a petition at to protest alleged ageism and racism from MTV. However, the bulk of the signatures are aimed in regard to Madonna, who many say made MTV what it is (or was), being ignored.

“This is the 21st century and ageism is so not cool,” writes Sarah Nelson of Allaway, NJ.

“Madonna simply made MTV and she deserves a nomination this year more than ever, with 3 masterpiece videos… it’s completely absurd,” writes Ciero Pietroforte of San Severo, Italy.

“Its time you all at MTV learned to not bite the hand of your maker,” writes Markus P. Miltenburg of Toronto, Canada.

His comment appears to be the one that others echo the most. However, Madonna is most likely too busy preparing for her Rebel Heart Tour to care. She recently told Entertainment Weekly that she hires someone to make sure she eats during her preparation for the tour.

“I call her the food police. ?’Are you eating? Did you drink enough water?’ I’m like, ‘Bi*ch, get off my pole!'” Madonna laughs.

Madonna kicks off her Rebel Heart Tour on September 9 in Montreal. If it’s anything like her previous tours, Madonna fans are in for a real treat.

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