Miami Heat Rumors: Carlos Boozer May Be Headed To The Heat

According to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, the Miami Heat could show interest in a former All-Star power forward who is now available on the NBA free agent market.

The Miami Heat may pursue former Los Angeles Lakers forward Carlos Boozer if he is not swept off the market soon, which seems likely at this point. Boozer, who used to be a hot commodity, is now searching for a team. Carlos could bring valuable veteran leadership to a Miami Heat that hopes to make a playoff run in 2016.

Boozer, 33, would bring some versatility off the bench and could pair off well with other big men like Josh McRoberts. However, Winderman reports that Boozer will not sign with the Miami Heat unless fellow big man Chris Andersen is traded. Last season, the Miami Heat were playing with a rotation that included both McRoberts and Andersen, but the idea of ridding themselves of salary to help issues with luxury tax could force them to trade Andersen and cause the need for Boozer.

While trading Chris Andersen may look easy, it is far from it for the Miami heat. His hefty contract is turning away any teams that may have an interest in the flamboyant center.

The Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks were both rumored to be interested in picking up Boozer during free agency. But the Knicks recently signed another big man, Kevin Seraphin, and Boozer may not want to resign with a team that may not be in the postseason for several years like the Lakers. If those two teams miss out, then an Andersen deal may come into play, but the chances of a deal for the Miami Heat seems unlikely right now.

The Miami Heat already have 15 players on their roster, making Boozer even less attractive. But is Boozer an upgrade from Amar’e Stoudemire? If he is, then a signing could be worth it. Both players have a similar skill set, but Stoudemire is much more injury prone. Boozer would pack a bigger punch on the offensive side of the ball, after averaging 11.8 points and 6.8 rebounds in 23.8 minutes per game last season in Los Angeles. While this is all very intriguing, the Miami Heat simply do not have the roster space to pull off a deal unless Andersen is traded.

Do you think the Miami Heat will make a transaction in order to acquire Carlos Boozer? If not, what other moves do you see the Miami Heat making before the NBA season begins in October?

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