‘Empire’ Season 2 Trailer Hits YouTube: Chris Rock’s In Prison, Mariah Carey’s On The Way — Where’s Oprah? [Video]

The new video showing Season 2 of the smash hit that is Empire has arrived on YouTube, and all the new happenings on the sophomore season has sent the trailer to viral status. Enjoying more than 100,000 views, the preview titled “Empire: It’s Not Business” is winning raves.


In the new Empire trailer, Cookie asks her ex-husband, Lucious Lyon, if he misses her as she visits him in prison for a turnaround. It was initially Cookie who did 17 years in prison for her man. Now the Empire patriarch is calling his ex his “ride or die” woman.

Meanwhile, the Empire trailer also reveals Jamal as he tells Hakeem he’s going to bury his album, but Hakeem says he’ll be bigger than their own father. Jamal is played by Jussie Smollett, who made plenty of news in the first season of Empire as the breakout star who initially left fans wondering if Jussie was gay in real life, as reported by the Inquisitr. Prior to the second season of Empire airing, Smollett pretty much cleared up his sexual orientation with rambling diatribes on Ellen.

Published on August 6, the new Empire trailer teaser video is making the rounds, and Empire fans are soaking up the new faces. Chris Rock appears as a prison mate with Lucious, while Mariah Carey’s rumored Empire appearance, as reported by the Daily Mail, has yet to be seen in an Empire trailer. Empire fans will have to wait nearly seven more weeks for the Season 2 premiere episode of Empire to satisfy their Empire fix.

“The biggest show of the year returns with a vengeance. EMPIRE Season Premiere SEPT 23 at 9/8c on FOX!”

Empire TV show fans can, however, subscribe on Fox for more Empire video clips to figure out when all the rumored stars and musicians expected to grace the hit show with their presence on Season 2 will actually appear. Thus far, only the first named episode of Empire during Season 2, titled “The Devils Are Here,” is listed on IMDb. Another great place to stay abreast of Empire stars are places like the IMDb full cast lists of Season 2 Empire episodes, which have already listed Rock’s name.

The teaser trailer of Empire has fans wondering when Oprah will appear on Empire, but according to the Chicago Tribune, Empire creator Lee Daniels didn’t know when Oprah would make her Empire debut, despite previous reports that Winfrey was a definite on the show.

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