Xbox 360 Receives New Update Making It Friendly To Xbox One And Windows 10

It seems Xbox 360 wasn’t forgotten by Microsoft entirely. Even with the commotion with the release of Windows 10, Xbox 360 continues to receive support and updates from Microsoft to much joy of Xbox 360 fans.

Those who were signed up for the Xbox 360 Preview Program are now getting this new Xbox 360 feature, which makes the Xbox 360 feed more social and more similar to the Xbox One feed. Despite the Xbox One getting backwards compatibility, Xbox 360 continues to gain support from Microsoft with this new feature rolling out to more Xbox 360 gamers in no time.

So for those at the Xbox 360 platform who are part of the Xbox 360 Preview Program, Major Nelson published a step-by-step guide to enable your Xbox 360 to display the new beta feature.

  • “On your Xbox 360 you will see Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows 10 activity (achievements, text posts, GameDVR clips, screenshots, broadcasts, and more). You will also be able to Like, Comment on, or Share any of those activities as well as post a new message to your feed.”

  • “To access the Activity Feed on your Xbox 360:
    1. From Social, select your own avatar, then Activity Feed
    2. You can also view a specific friend’s activity by selecting their avatar in Friends or their gamer card in the Guide. From their select View Activity Feed.”

The new Activity Feed for Xbox 360 will enable Xbox 360 users to like, comment, and share what their friends are doing and playing. They will able to view and share game screenshots and footage straight from their Xbox 360 console. This feature was already available in Xbox One since February but we’re appreciating it that Microsoft still continues to update the Xbox 360 despite its constant struggles with the weak sales of Xbox One.

In March, Xbox 360 also received a huge update where Xbox 360 gamers who have yet to upgrade to Xbox One could already start building their Xbox One games library. Xbox 360 gamers with Xbox Live Gold membership could take advantage of the Games with Gold program and use their Xbox 360 to start collecting Xbox One games for that moment when they are able to finally upgrade to the newer-gen console. To do this, head to the special Games with Gold section from the Xbox 360 home page and start purchasing your Xbox One games from there. This is the best way to make your transition from Xbox 360 to Xbox One cheaper and more practical.

While the Xbox One games library via Xbox 360 is already available for all Xbox 360 users, the newer Xbox 360 activity feed is still undergoing public beta and no release date has yet been announced by Microsoft.

[Image via Major Nelson]

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