Teresa Giudice Stays Silent As Husband Joe Is Spotted On A Double Date

Teresa Giudice remains behind bars at the Danbury Correctional Facility, and she is expected to serve at least another six months before being released. Giudice’s official release date is in March of next year, which would mark the 15 months that she was given by the judge last October. And while Giudice is serving her time, her husband is busy hanging out with friends and taking care of the couple’s four daughters.

Sadly, Teresa Giudice is worried behind bars because Joe Giudice tends to have a wild sex drive. In fact, while filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa revealed that her husband wanted sex at least once a day. Now that they have been separated for months, one can imagine that Teresa is concerned about Joe’s behavior.

According to a new Radar Online report, Teresa Giudice’s husband was spotted on what appears to be a double date in New Jersey this week. This isn’t the first time Giudice was spotted with another woman while Teresa is serving her time. This time, he tried to go incognito at the Daddy O Hotel Restaurant & Bar on Long Beach Island in New Jersey.

“He was downstairs standing at the bar, with his sunglasses on,” an eyewitness has revealed, adding, “He was trying to be incognito the entire time. Like he could hide!”

“It was him and a woman next to him, and another man and woman across from them,” the eyewitness continued, adding that he didn’t appear to be engaging in any physical activity with the other woman.

“He looked like he was having fun,” the source reveals, adding, “My friends were like, ‘He should be home crying about Teresa or watching his daughters!’ But he did not look like he was worried about anything at all. He was having a good time.”

Even though Joe may not care what other people think about his escapades, Teresa Giudice may be very concerned about her husband’s behavior. Even though Giudice is in jail, she is still dealing with many things. On top of worrying about her family, she is also filing a lawsuit against her lawyer for negligence, according to the Inquisitr.

“Thank you for your outpouring of support and for standing by me through this most difficult time. Love love love you all!” Giudice has said via her Twitter account, which is the last thing she has posted.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice worrying about her husband behind bars? Do you think Joe is cheating on her?

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