Chris Hyndman, Canadian TV Personality, Died Sleepwalking, Says Family [Video]

The death of Chris Hyndman is a shock to family, friends, and fans. The Canadian television personality was found with no vital signs in a Toronto alleyway beneath his penthouse home, but police don’t suspect foul play. The family of Chris Hyndman believe the man accidentally plunged to his death during a sleepwalking episode Monday night, reports People. Chris Hyndman was an established sleepwalker, says his family.

According to the grandfather of Chris Hyndman, “His mother knew that he was a chronic sleepwalker and that was her first thought. No drugs or no alcohol were involved.”

Hyndman and his husband, Steven Sabados, lived in a penthouse apartment six floors up that overlooked the alley where the body of Chris Hyndman was discovered. Although authorities haven’t yet released the reason Chris died, his family say that Hyndman was a known sleepwalker and point to the condition as his cause of Hyndman’s death. Sabados and other members of the Hyndman family “would find [Chris] sitting at the kitchen table eating and he would be sound asleep,” family friend Glady Bell told People.

Bell hopes the death of Chris Hyndman will shed light on the dangers of sleepwalking.

“Hopefully this will bring some awareness to other people that know they have this disorder and take precautions. Who would have thought that would have happened? It is dangerous and scary, and obviously bad accidents can happen.”

People reports that Toronto Police Constable Victor Kwong told the media that even though the body of Chris Hyndman was found below their penthouse apartment, foul play is not suspected, although nothing is confirmed.

“Investigators are still speaking to people and following leads and the detectives are still working on it. We won’t conclude it until we get a coroner’s report back.”

Glenda Hyndman, the mother of Chris Hyndman, told the Toronto Star that her son was a sleepwalker. Mrs. Hyndman believes her son’s death is “an unfortunate accident.” Chris is sincerely mourned by his friends and family, who say that Hyndman loved to cheer his friends up.

“If you were in a bad mood and something was worrying you, all you had to do was spend five minutes with Chris. I am not a person to give people a hug, and [Chris] found it out.”

In an effort to make his friends comfortable, Hyndman “would get up and come over and hug me and not let me go. His hugs really meant something.”

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