Ted Nugent Says Media Portrays Him As A “Puppy Raper”

Over the last several weeks Ted Nugent has come under fire for joking about beheading President Obama and various other members of the Democrat party. Now Nugent is blaming the media for taking his comments and using them against him.

You make recall that Nugent has not exactly been a model citizen in recent weeks when it comes to dealing with the media, during a CNN interview a few days ago for example he said:

“I’ll [expletive] your [expletive], or [expletive] you.”

Now Mr. Nugent says the Democrats and their leftist media are portraying him as a raper of puppies:

“The left media and [Democratic National Committee chair Debbie] Wasserman Schultz will try to tell you that I threaten the president’s life and that I’m a mean, nasty man who wants to rape your puppy.”

To which Nugent further responds:

“I wouldn’t rape your puppy, but if the president needs a little chow, I’m sure I could do a little bushmeat for him.”

That last comment was a direct jab at President Obama who admitted in his writings that as a child he was forced during a trip overseas to eat dog.

In the meantime even the gun-carrying military has distanced itself from Ted Nugent, recently cancelling a scheduled concert the bushman was scheduled to headline.

At least he didn’t say anything stupid several weeks ago when he was forced to meet with secret service agents regarding his beheading comments.

Do you think Ted Nugent has completely lost his mind?

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