Taylor Swift Has Run-In With Ankle-Grabbing Fan While On Stage, She Gives Her Death Stare And Struts Off

Taylor Swift loves her fans dearly. However, there is one who may not be getting her affection anytime soon. The singer was doing her thing up on stage in Alberta Tuesday night when a male fan unexpectedly lunged for her.

According to Fox News, the overzealous fan tried to grab her ankles as she was right in the middle of singing “Bad Blood.” Maybe he just wanted to get close to his favorite pop singer and couldn’t contain himself, but he went for it and got himself into trouble. Not only did he get quickly pulled away by security and ousted from the concert, but he also got that Taylor Swift death stare from her.

It all happened in an instant. One minute Taylor was belting out her tune and the next she had a horrified look on her face. In fact, she almost lost her balance from the incident, which obviously scared her for a second or two. However, the superstar quickly recovered and strutted off to finish her performance.

Swift handled it quite well, considering that it could have been much worse. She picked herself up, but not before she gave that “Bad Blood” death stare. From the looks of the behind-the-scenes video and photos that People just revealed, this girl could kick some serious booty. She could probably handle herself just fine. She looked quite fierce as she was seen getting ready to shoot this fan-favorite video.

The 25-year-old pop star never posted anything about this interruption. Being the always positive lady that she is, Taylor instead thanked her remaining fans for coming out to see her.

“Thanks Edmonton– tonight was insanely fun and I can’t wait to be back on your stage tomorrow night!”

There were no other bad fan encounters after that, and Taylor Swift went on to give her Canadian audience a great night of entertainment.

It was probably a good thing that boyfriend Calvin Harris wasn’t around at the time of that fan incident. He may not have been too happy that his girl was attacked by one of her fans. Those two have been inseparable since they began dating, and it looks like they may be getting closer than ever. The Inquisitr recently reported that this famous couple may eventually be moving in together and are already talking about long-term plans, as in wedding bells.

Marriage may still be a long way off for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, but fans still love to see them together. They are both busy with their careers but are still able to find time to spend together, and there are pictures to prove it.

Taylor is continuing on with her 1989 tour and hopefully there will be no more aggressive fans like the one that she just encountered. She is one tough cookie that you certainly do not want to mess around with. She has proven in the past that she can hold her own.

[Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images]

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