Josh Trank Responds To Horrible ‘Fantastic Four’ Reviews: ‘Blame Fox, Not Me!’

Some of us predicted that Josh Trank probably wouldn’t be back to direct any Fantastic Four sequel. This version is getting widely panned by critics, and audiences apparently aren’t too keen on it, either.

But Josh wants everyone to know he isn’t to blame for what’s being generally acknowledged as a bad movie. That privilege goes to 20th Century Fox. According to Trank, Fox butchered his vision by releasing a final cut that wasn’t what Trank had in mind.

“A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews…You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though.”

Josh Trank quickly deleted the message, which was released via Twitter. But in the age of the screen capture, it was a pointless gesture.

What Trank suggested was that his preferred version of the Fantastic Four was done last year, but the April re-shoots and other changes ordered by Fox are what “gifted” audiences this less than – ahem – fantastic final product.

It’s not the most unbelievable thing to say about Fox and comic book movies. Not all of us have forgotten the horrible, facepalm-worthy treatment of Marvel character Deadpool. Although the studio is attempting to “do right by him” the second time around, their missteps with him and other Marvel icons are notable.

Now that Deadpool is benefiting from so much hype and a clear indication that Fox got it right this time, it may be a sign that fixing gross errors isn’t beyond the realm of possibility for Fantastic Four. One can even say that the reboot of the X-Men movies worked to improve a previously sinking franchise. So while the film offered by 20th Century Fox and Josh Trank is sub-par, it’s not a permanent problem.

At least if some important changes are made. Luckily for the current cast, they are by popular consensus the last thing everyone seems to be displeased with. The execution was lacking, and the movie’s potential wasted; it’s possible Fox will start there with damage repair.

The studio had no comment on the movie’s poor reception or getting thrown under the bus by Josh Trank. However, that doesn’t mean that things won’t be said or done behind closed doors.

Will the prediction hold up that Trank will NOT be back for the sequel? It’s looking plausible, but maybe a successful Deadpool will let the studio forgive, forget, and trust Josh’s vision a bit. Or, it might opt to trust someone else with a more palatable vision of these heroes.

Do you think Josh Trank was right to blame the studio for the bad reviews Fantastic Four is getting? Share your thoughts!

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