Ellen Pompeo And The New ‘McDreamy’ Martin Henderson On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Just as Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy has started filming, the buzz is out about who will be the next McDreamy in the life of Dr. Meredith Grey.

With the casting of Martin Henderson, who definitely deserves a McNickname, fans are guessing that Dr. Meredith Grey won’t be alone for long, but Shonda Rhimes refuses to tip her hand.

“I’m not going to say we’re definitely not doing it because I could be wrong, but that’s not my plan right now. I can’t just drop a new guy in and be like, ‘There he is!’ I keep seeing all these things that we’re replacing McDreamy… and Patrick’s irreplaceable. That’s not really the point. Meredith’s on a journey, she’s always been a journey and I’m taking her where the journey leads her, so we’ll see what that feels like.”

Perhaps Shonda Rhimes is still coming to terms with the loss of Dr. Derek Shepherd herself?

“Derek Shepherd is and will always be an incredibly important character — for Meredith, for me and for the fans. I absolutely never imagined saying goodbye to our ‘McDreamy,'” Grey’s Anatomy show creator Shonda Rhimes said in a statement.

But even though McDreamy’s body is not yet cold on Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is open to new possibilities for Dr. Meredith Grey.

“Now, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and the entire ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ family are about to enter uncharted territory as we head into this new chapter of her life. The possibilities for what may come are endless. As Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) would say: The carousel never stops turning,” Rhimes said, adding her gratitude to the man who brought the character of Derek Shepherd to life.

And just this week, Ellen Pompeo told Extra that the exit of Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy will lead to new growth. She also would not confirm whether or not Martin Henderson would be Meredith Grey’s love interest, but she did agree with the reporter that he was “very cute.” When asked what nickname she would give to Martin Henderson, she explained that giving nicknames wasn’t her job.

“It’s up to Shonda to give a nickname,” she explained. “I’m going to stick to acting.”

Ellen Pompeo also spilled that Martin Henderson had not started yet on Grey’s Anatomy, and that he would not appear until midway through the season.

So we will just have to wait and see how Martin Henderson fits into Grey’s Anatomy.

Do you think Martin Henderson will be Meredith’s new love interest on Grey’s Anatomy?

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