‘GTA V’ Heavy Weaponry Now On Sale, Thanks To Online Event

After enjoying a series of in-game events that were held concurrently, Grand Theft Auto V fans now only have until the end of the week to continue to enjoy the benefits of from the current online bonus offers. With a new special sale presented to the GTA Online community each day, this means that there is only a few remaining days for gamers to pick up cheap equipment within GTA V.

Most of the daily sales offered to players during the event give GTA Online users access to discounted ammunition or customization options. Throughout the past few weeks, however, Rockstar Games has also offered up a few big ticket items as well. For example, gamers have had the opportunity to see large savings on some of the most expensive vehicles available in Grand Theft Auto V.

For today’s special discount, the developer is giving fans the ability to improve their arsenal. Rather than simply giving players access to cheaper ammunition, users can now pick up some heavy duty firearms in GTA Online for 50 percent off. As such, all homing rocket launchers and the heavy sniper rifle are now half-priced until a new sale begins tomorrow morning.

As the Inquisitr reported on Monday, this final GTA Online event will bring a end to a series of bonus heist rewards that gamers have enjoyed over the past several weeks. In addition to receiving daily in-game discounts on a variety of different equipment, Grand Theft Auto V players can also currently get extra rewards for taking on the title’s last co-op heist mission.

The online event, including all its accompanying sales and bonus rewards, is scheduled to end on Sunday. Rockstar Games has not yet revealed what items will be discounted following today’s special savings on high-end weaponry. The developer has informed fans to follow their official social media channels to stay informed on what they have planned for the final days of the events.

Grand Theft Auto V
GTA Online – Rockstar Games

While many users are trying to get rich from the double cash payouts that the in-game event has applied to select GTA Online heist missions, the developer has also taken the time to show off several new player-created jobs that the community has built using the game’s built in mission creation tools.

Rockstar Games showcased a sampling of what they consider to be exceptional user-generated jobs that are now available across multiple platforms. All of the currently promoted missions were inspired by past Rockstar titles such as Midnight Club, Manhunt, and Smuggler’s Run.

Have you taken advantage of any of the sales that have been offered as part of GTA V‘s recent online events?

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