Christine Ouzounian Says She Will Be The Next Mrs. Ben Affleck: Ex-Nanny Insists Affair Still Going Strong

According to Christine Ouzounian, she is going to be the next Mrs. Ben Affleck as soon as his divorce from Jennifer Garner is finalized. The former nanny insists her affair with the actor is still going strong.

Sources tell New York Daily News Confidential that despite Ben’s strong denials to the affair allegations, Christine Ouzounian is telling friends she is still seeing the actor and that they are “definitely still boning.”

The ex-nanny’s friends say she thinks marrying Jen Garner’s soon-to-be-ex is “perfect,” as she has a great relationship with Garner and Affleck’s children.

“She thinks they’re meant to be together. She says that it’s perfect because the kids love her.”

Although Ben Affleck denies having an intimate relationship with Ouzounian, her friends say there must be something to what the former nanny is saying, as she is not crazy.

“I think she really wants it to happen, but at the same time, she’s not crazy — I really do think there is something to the relationship. She’s not the kind of girl who sleeps with someone once and is like, ‘We’re in love.’ She’s not like Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers — she’s no stage-five clinger.”

Christine Ouzounian became Affleck and Garner’s nanny when she was hired earlier this year to look after the couple’s three children, but she was fired July 1 after rumors of the alleged affair started to swirl. Photos recently surfaced depicting the ex-nanny gifting her former boss, Ben Affleck, a bottle of champagne outside his LA bachelor pad on July 17, just two weeks after having been let go as the couple’s nanny. According to ET Online, the ex-nanny reportedly tipped off the paparazzi about the late night rendezvous so she would be photographed with the actor.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jennifer Garner reportedly found out about the alleged affair during a family vacation to the Bahamas in June. Although the couple were considering attempts to get their marriage back on track, once Garner learned of Ben Affleck’s intimate relationship with Christine Ouzounian, the actress decided instead to call it quits.

“There was always a speck of doubt in Jen’s mind about separating but that’s now gone. She is very angry. To Jen, this is the ultimate betrayal.”

Garner has yet to comment publicly about the alleged affair. However, reps for Ben Affleck insist the rumors are “complete garbage, baseless and untrue.”

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