Female Boxers Layla McCarter And Amanda Serrano Warn Ronda Rousey To ‘Stay In Her Lane’ — UFC Star Will Not Last In Boxing

At UFC 190: Rousey vs. Correia, current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey took on Bethe Correia. It only took “Rowdy” 34 seconds to knock out “Pitbull,” which is technically a big deal since she isn’t known for striking or boxing. With such a victory, however, there is chatter among the MMA community that Rousey could hold her own against a boxer in a boxing match. Given Rousey’s popularity, most people are taking her side in this argument. However, there are those who go against the grain, saying Rousey wouldn’t last.

Out of all who have a opinion on the matter, the ones who probably carry the most weight are those associated with boxing, especially if they are boxers themselves. Female boxers Layla McCarter and Amanda Serrano are warning Ronda Rousey to “stay in her lane.”

For those who do not understand what that warning means, Layla McCarter and Amanda Serrano are telling Ronda Rousey to stay in MMA because at this moment, she wouldn’t last in boxing. Now to be fair, Rousey herself didn’t make the statements. Her boxing coach, Edward Tarverdyan, is the one who made the claims, as reported by The Guardian.

“I know she [Ronda Rousey] wins the boxing world title. Ronda has nothing to prove to me.”

Edward Taverdyan continued on, saying Ronda Rousey never lost a sparring round against male boxing champions, even though he wasn’t available for comments after he made the statements. Nevertheless, it is these comments that has gained the ire of numerous female boxers, including former lightweight and junior weight champion, Layla McCarter.

“I think she’s just brand new at boxing. She’s very good at what she does, but she needs to stay in her lane because boxing takes a lot of experience to reach the top level. She better just stay in her lane because she’s going to get hurt.”

Former junior lightweight and lightweight champion Amanda Serrano echoed the sentiments after watching Ronda Rousey fight Bethe Correia. Apparently, there are plenty of holes in her technique.

“Her movement is very bad, how she walks into punches and she would get caught. The girls that she’s fighting, they’ve got limited boxing skills. They rely on grappling on the floor. She fought that girl that didn’t know how to fight and she ended up with a black eye.”

Both Layla McCarter and Amanda Serrano know exactly what they’re talking about being former champions. As reported by Bleacher Report, there are various technical factors that differ between boxing and MMA. Ronda Rousey replicating the dominance in an MMA cage to the boxing ring would be a monumental challenge given the fact her abilities are literally cut in half — at minimum — to the techniques where boxers say she shows the most weakness.

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