Kaitlyn Bristowe Bashes Nick Viall After Calling Out Bullies: Does ‘The Bachelorette’ Have A Double Standard?

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has been on a whirlwind media tour with her fiance Shawn Booth this week, but not all of their conversations have been about love, marriage, and future babies. During several post-rose ceremony interviews this week, the newly-engaged couple laughed about Nick Viall’s now-famous ring toss, and bashed him for what Kaitlyn calls an “awkward” proposal.

Ridiculing Nick seemed all in good fun at first, but when they continued to poke fun of him during the majority of their interviews, it became apparent that Kaitlyn was going against the very words she wrote on her blog last week.

“Instead of trying to go out of your way to ruin someone’s day, why not make someone’s day?” Kaitlyn wrote. “Trust me, it’s a satisfying feeling, and I promise you it will feel better than hating on someone.”

Why is Kaitlyn hating on Nick just a week after she cried about being bullied online? To date, Viall hasn’t said anything negative about Kaitlyn and has had only kind words to say about her during his interviews with former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, ABC’s Nick Watt, and Nancy O’Dell from Entertainment Tonight.

ET‘s Nancy O’Dell called Kaitlyn and Shawn out for being “rough” on Nick and talked to this season’s runner-up about the way Bachelorette couple has been bashing him this week. In the video below, O’Dell shows him two instances where he was ridiculed and gets his reaction to the negativity.

Nick told Nancy that it was a “little disappointing” to watch Kaitlyn laugh about his proposal during an earlier interview with ET. Even worse? When Kaitlyn giggled and said she thinks it’s “awkward when someone wants to spend their life with you and you don’t.”

While many fans saw Kaitlyn stop Nick when he pulled the engagement ring out of his pocket, he told Nancy O’Dell that there was an important part of his final moments with Kaitlyn that producers edited out.

Before he reached for his ring, Nick stated that he got “got choked up” and “emotional.” Kaitlyn grabbed his hand and told him it was “OK” — giving him what he thought was the go-ahead to propose.

“Maybe 10-15 seconds in to my speech I got choked up, I got emotional. I tried to collect myself, at which point Kaitlyn grabbed my hand and said ‘It’s OK!’ — that was my green light, here we go… I’m all in.”

Viewers didn’t see that part, but they did see her stop him as he reached in for the ring and prepared to get down on one knee. Reality TV or not, a proposal is an emotional nerve-buster. From all accounts, Nick was serious about his intent to walk off into the sunset with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Many fans of the show continue to support Nick on Twitter, with some speaking out against the unnecessary bashing he received from both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth.

On Friday, Kaitlyn and Shawn revealed on Snapchat that they were leaving New York City and headed to visit Shawn’s family in Connecticut. Now that their media tour has wrapped up, she has a real-life relationship to focus on.

Perhaps the former Bachelorette will heed her own words and stop hating on Nick — because even laughing at someone’s misfortune is a form of bullying.

[Image: ABC]