August 1, 2015
G-Dragon And Kiko Mizuhara: YG Entertainment Responds To Relationship Rumors Of 'Big Bang' K-Pop Idol And Actress

This year, K-pop group Big Bang made their comeback after their first world tour and solo activities from a couple of years before. However, this time would be different, as they've become one of the elite K-pop groups to expand their popularity beyond East Asia. As a matter of fact, their hit song "Bang Bang Bang" made it to the iTunes U.S. Top 100, a feat that only certain K-pop groups (Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Super Junior) have accomplished.

With a sudden spike in popularity, it would only be a matter of time until the K-pop community developed an interest in Big Bang members' private lives. Ergo, rumors of Big Bang's G-Dragon being in a relationship with actress Kiko Mizuhara have risen again. This time however, YG Entertainment has made an official response for said relationship.

G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara
Pictures of G-Dragon with actress Kiko Mizuhara were posted to Korean online forums.

Earlier this week on Monday, July 27, pictures of G-Dragon supposedly with Kiko Mizuhara were posted to online community forums in Korea, as reported by KpopStarz. The user who did the posting provided the following statement with them.

"I went to Shilla Hotel and was surprised to see a Lambourghini, but I was even more shocked when I saw G-Dragon getting out of the car."

Why such pictures have caused the relationship rumors to come back is unknown given the fact Kiko Mizuhara is not even pictured. Yet, anything that may look suspicious with either of them may be automatically associated to their alleged relationship, a rumor that has gone on for four years. It does not help that G-Dragon, Mizuhara, or any of their affiliated agencies have made no public announcement about it, until now.

YG Entertainment, the label Big Bang is contracted to, have neither confirmed nor denied G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara's relationship in the past. This time, however, they have made a statement regarding the pictures posted online, as reported by Newsen.

"This is G-Dragon and his car, but we don't know when the photos were taken. We cannot know if he went with Kiko."

To be frank, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara being seen out in public together shouldn't be suspicious given the fact they've worked together before. Back in 2014, both of them were spotted together for a romantic photoshoot. Needless to say, that surely caused the relationship rumors to make a return.

[Featured Image via KpopStarz/Facebook, Post Image via Korean Online Forums]