Big Bang: K-Pop Group Makes Presence Known On U.S. Charts -- Debuts On iTunes Top 100

When it comes to K-pop music, the two groups primarily responsible for bringing the foreign genre to prominence in the U.S. music market are easily Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation (and to an extent Psy). That alone is an accomplishment given the fact K-pop (or any Korean genre of music for that matter) has only been promoted to countries outside of Korea within the last five to six years, as detailed in an exclusive op-ed by the Inquisitr.

Now the newest breed of K-pop groups are making their mark such as Big Bang. Currently, Big Bang is dominating the Korean charts, but that is not the biggest accomplishment they achieved. Reports are coming in that Big Bang officially made their debut on United States charts, specifically the iTunes Top 100.

According to KpopStarz, Big Bang's song "Bang Bang Bang" made it onto iTunes Top 100 in the United States after the release of their previous two singles, "Bae Bae" and "Loser." That is a major accomplishment for Big Bang in which the aforementioned song on the iTunes Top 100 currently sits at number one in Korea's Top 100 singles.

Bang Bang Bang Top 100
Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" debut on iTunes Top 100 at number 58.

From what is shown in the provided screen captures, "Bang Bang Bang" ranked 58th out of 100 songs listed in the iTunes Top 100. This means Big Bang is so popular that they are on a list usually dominated by worldwide artists from the U.S. like Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Not only that, "Bang Bang Bang" made it to the iTunes Hip-Hop Top 10 at number eight.

Bang Bang Bang Hip Hop Top 10
Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" also debut on iTunes Hip-Hop Top 10.

What is significant of Big Bang's debut on the iTunes Top 100 is that it made it on the chart close to June 1, 2015, which is a solid release date for American music. For example, "Bang Bang Bang" ranked higher than the latest single from A$AP Rocky, who is the number two artist in the Billboard Top 100 Artists right under Taylor Swift.

To be fair, Big Bang's prominence in the American charts was expected. About one year prior to this article, Soompi reported American television station Fuse TV made Big Bang's album one of the Top 25 Most Anticipated for the 2014 Summer Season. What's funny is that album that was highly anticipated just recently released. Good things come to those who wait, right?

[Featured Image via Big Bang's Official Facebook Page, Post Images via KPopStarz]