Rockin’ 1,000: A Thousand Foo Fighters Fans Take The Stage To Perform ‘Learn To Fly,’ Hope Dave Grohl Will Heed The Call

Die hard fans will go to great lengths just to see their favorite band perform live, and Foo Fighters fans in the city of Cesena in Rogmana, Italy did just that in the most amazing way.

The Rockin’ 1,000 project came about when Fabio Zaffagnini, the project’s creator, had the idea to bring together a thousand Foo Fighters fans to perform one of the band’s songs onstage. According to Nerdist, the project started a year ago, and Fabio sought out the best musicians to join the Foo Fighters project.

The video, which shows a thousand musicians on drums, guitars, and microphones, was posted to YouTube on Thursday; They all had one goal: to play and sing the Foo Fighters’ 1999 hit, “Learn to Fly.” The video was elaborate, with a crane capturing how massive the crowd was. The epic Foo Fighters performance happened on July 26 after a year’s worth of work.

The crowdfunding campaign to bring the Foo Fighters to Cesena raised almost $50,000. It has been a while since the Foo Fighters performed in the area, and Zaffagnini, together with a thousand musicians, hopes this move will be the one to encourage the band to come back.

“Italy is a country where dreams cannot easily come true, but it’s a land of passion and creativity. One thousand rockers that came from all over [Italy paid] their own expenses, [and] just did it for one song: your song.”

Zaffagnini said that thousands of people will view the video, but it is only addressed to five people.

“To be honest, it is being conceived to be addressed just to five people – Chris, Pat, Nate, Taylor, and Dave Grohl – the Foo Fighters.”

Foo Fighters playing in Cesena is not impossible as the band has been known to surprise their fans. After all, Dave Grohl is said to be one of the nicest guys in the music industry. Last year, Rolling Stone reported that the Foo Fighters played a crowdfunded show in Virginia. The campaign, which sold Foo Fighters concert tickets to a concert that didn’t exist, was so successful that it caught the band’s attention.

Early this month, the Inquisitr reported on a lucky fan who was able to play onstage with the Foo Fighters after Dave saw him holding up a sign asking if he could play the drums with them. This proves that any Foo Fighters fan’s dream can come true if they are able to get the band’s attention.

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