Melissa Gorga Talks Caroline Manzo: Was She Stealing Daughter’s Thunder At Wedding?

Melissa Gorga was invited to Lauren Manzo’s wedding last week to celebrate with her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars. Lauren had been engaged to Vito Scalia for years prior to them getting married. Vito was actually brother Albie’s best friend for years, and as documented on the show, Albie did have a hard time with their growing romance.

But the wedding finally took place, and many housewives were invited, including Melissa Gorga. Gorga snapped a couple of pictures of herself with the bride and with former housewife, Caroline Manzo. But when the picture of Caroline surfaced on Instagram, people were quick to point out her dress. Apparently, people weren’t thrilled with Manzo’s decision to wear a long white gown to her own daughter’s wedding.

According to a new Bravo report, Melissa Gorga didn’t see anything wrong with Caroline’s choice in outfit. In fact, Gorga didn’t see the controversy in the choice of attire at all. And as long as Lauren didn’t either, the night could go on as planned.

“It was [controversial online]. You know I posted a picture with Caroline and people were like ‘Oh my gosh, why is she stealing Lauren’s thunder!’ She wanted her to wear white. I thought it was nice. They looked beautiful,” Melissa Gorga revealed in regards to her Instagram post, where she caught Manzo’s long white gown.

Melissa wore a stunning blue dress, and her husband wanted to wear plaid pants. Even though she had hoped he would wear a black and white tuxedo, he clearly stole the show. But one person was noticeably missing from the wedding. Teresa Giudice is currently serving her time out of state. No word on whether she would have been invited to the nuptials if she was out.

And Melissa Gorga couldn’t even offer any news in regards to Teresa. Apparently, Gorga hasn’t been approved to see her sister-in-law in jail. While Teresa’s husband has visited her several times with their children, Melissa has yet to see Teresa. One has to wonder if she will have to wait until she is released. According to the Inquisitr, Gorga has shut down questions in regards to her sister-in-law out of respect for the family. Either way, Gorga has the Manzo family to lean on when things get tough.

What do you think about Melissa Gorga’s comments about Caroline’s dress? Do you really think Manzo would steal her own daughter’s thunder?

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