Nikki Ferrell Speaks Out About ‘Bachelor’ Bullying After Kaitlyn Bristowe Death Threats

Nikki Ferrell has managed to stay out of the spotlight for the most part since she announced her split from Juan Pablo Galavis last year.

The two had been trying to make it work, even though the public was less than thrilled with Juan’s behavior on The Bachelor. He was quite possibly the worst contestant in the show’s history.

And sadly for Nikki Ferrell, she became guilty by association. Nikki really wanted to work things out and according to the Inquisitr, Ferrell didn’t want to give up on the relationship. Sadly, her determination to make love work for her didn’t please many viewers, so she started receiving threats and hate via social media.

According to a new tweet, Nikki Ferrell is now speaking out about her own experiences with Juan Pablo Galavis after The Bachelor aired. Nikki was chosen as the final contestant, but she fought tooth and nail in hopes of getting him to admit his feelings for her. Months later, the two went to Couples Therapy in hopes of tearing down the wall, but Ferrell was quickly labeled as being too demanding. After watching The Bachelorette this season and learning about Kaitlyn Bristowe’s death threats, Nikki decided to speak out.

“As someone who experienced it myself, I am glad The Bachelorette shed light on the hate spread on social media. Stay strong Kaitlyn Bristowe,” Nikki Ferrell revealed on Twitter as the Men Tell All special was airing.

But Nikki was far from the only person to receive hate. Long before Ferrell got her heart broken, Courtney Robertson was labeled the villain of The Bachelor. And she also reached out to Kaitlyn after Monday’s episode of The Mell Tell All.

“Refreshing to see The Bachelorette support Kaitlyn. From one death threat survivor to another, stay strong for you & your fam girl,” Courtney tweeted, which had Kaitlyn reply, “I can’t imagine what you went through!!” and Courtney revealing, “You name it, someone called me it. Hope you have a strong man by your side. Either way, you’ve got this.”

Nikki Ferrell may not be planning a tell-all book like Robertson, who wrote Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain. In the book, Robertson details her experiences of everything that happened behind the scenes that fans didn’t see.

“The only backlash I got was from Ben himself,” Robertson has said, adding, “I did hear from him. He was not happy. I got a couple of emails. I actually didn’t respond to his last email but I wish him well. He has moved on and I’ve moved on.”

What do you think of Nikki Ferrell and Courtney speaking up about post-Bachelor bullying?

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