Play ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Ahead Of Release Only On Xbox One

Subscribers of Electronic Art’s premium service will be able try out Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox One before the game is officially set to launch. This year’s return of the popular Star Wars Battlefront franchise has now been confirmed to be the next title that will be made available to EA Access members ahead of the game’s official release date.

The inclusion of Star Wars Battlefront into the EA Access lineup was confirmed this week by Xbox boss Phil Spencer. After being directly asked on Twitter, Spencer revealed that the next entry of the Star Wars Battlefront series will definitely be available to play on the Xbox One prior to launch for those with an active EA Access subscription.

An EA Access subscription is available for $4.99 a month. Gamers can also sign up for a full year of the service for $29.99. The publisher’s premium membership program is only available on Xbox One after Sony decided not to allow the service on the Playstation 4 as they didn’t want players to have to pay a second fee on top of their existing PS Plus subscription costs.

As Game Informer pointed out, there will likely be a surge of new members sign up of EA Access once Star Wars Battlefront officially joins the service. Since EA Access members also receive 10 percent off of EA game purchases, users would still receive a larger discount off of a title purchase than what a single month off the service would cost while still getting the chance to play Star Wars Battlefront before its official release date.

While Star Wars Battlefront has been confirmed to be playable first on Xbox One through EA Access, Electronic Arts has not yet released full details on the promotion. All that is known at this time is that the game will be available through the subscription service sometime before its launch on November 17. The exact time that Star Wars Battlefront will come to EA Access is currently unknown. Looking at how previous titles were released on EA Access, it is likely that subscribers will be able to try out Star Wars Battlefront around one week ahead of release.

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Past early access titles through the EA service have allowed gamers to play unlimited multiplayer matches, but only a set amount of hours from the games’ story campaigns. However, since Star Wars Battlefront won’t have any single-player story mode, the publisher hasn’t announced if they will be limiting playtime for the game in anyway.

Taking the place of a story campaign, Star Wars Battlefront will feature short co-op missions. Unfortunately, it has already been revealed that players won’t be able to earn experience or character progression from these missions.

Do you plan on joining EA Access for the chance to play Star Wars Battlefront early on Xbox One?

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