Costco Is The New King In Organic Groceries – Dethrones Whole Foods As Leading Organic Grocery Store

Ever since independent scientists uncovered the dangers of Monsanto’s genetically modified organisms (GMOs), more people have become more careful with what they feed themselves and their families. What started out as a handful of people soon grew into an organic community, supporting each other and sharing information to make sure they avoid GMOs.

One important bit of information they share is where to shop for organic foods. Besides farmer’s markets, many have suggested Whole Foods. This of course makes sense because Whole Foods is the most well-known organic grocer in the United States today. That may change as new reports show Whole Foods is no longer the king of organic groceries. That elite title now belongs to an unexpected grocery company: Costco.

According to AltHealthWorks, organic food has become mainstream, resulting in more people looking for cheaper organic options. Not only that, they want the convenience of buying everything needed in a single location. Unfortunately for Whole Foods, they lack in both in which locations are limited and their prices can be expensive.

Costco – which happens to be the second-largest retailer in America right behind Walmart (and Sam’s Club) – understood the demand of the organic community. So Costco made a commitment to organic groceries before most large grocery and retail chains did. As a result, Costco is projected to sell over $4 billion in organic products in 2015 alone, as reported by TakePart. If the calculations by the BMO Capital Markets financial firm are precise, Costco will surpass Whole Foods by $0.4 billion.

Other grocery stores and retailers also have plans similar to the one Costco has in which they are increasing sales of organic groceries. Kroger (which is expected to possibly surpass Whole Foods this year too) and Target are thus far the biggest companies confirmed to have such plans.

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