‘Supernatural’ Faces A New Villain Amidst The Darkness

Warning: This article contains season 11 spoilers for Supernatural.

The Supernatural cast and crew are headed back to work as they prepare to begin filming the show’s 11th season, which will be filmed out of sequence with the first Supernatural episode filmed to be the third episode in the sequence. That episode is to be directed by Jensen Ackles himself, according to executive producer Jim Micheals, who tweeted the news to followers.

“The 1st Ep of @cw_spn (Supernatural) that we will shoot for season 11 will be 3rd to air on October 21, 2015 #SPNfamily with @JensenAckles at the helm!”

If so, this will not be Ackles’ directorial debut. Jensen has directed four previous episodes of Supernatural with the most recent episode having been last season’s third episode, “Soul Survivor.”

Speaking of Supernatural‘s Ackles, he has yet to shave off that summer hiatus beard, leaving some to wonder if that may be a new look for Dean Winchester. The actor was recently showing off the bearded look, when he tweeted from a flight taking him back to the Supernatural sets.

While some rumors have suggested Jared Padalecki wouldn’t be returning to Supernatural, the actor has confirmed that he is well rested, recovering from the summer’s illness, and will be joining his on-screen brother, when Supernatural does return.

Jensen Ackles wasn’t the only Supernatural team member to be tweeting his return to work. In addition to tweeting the news of Jensen’s return to the director’s chair, Micheals also tweeted a picture of himself beside a miniature facsimile of a Supernatural location.

More news from the Supernatural camp has revealed the name of the first episode of Supernatural‘s new season, along with a basic premise for the new big bad Sam and Dean will have to face. The news seems to imply that this new villain will be the primary threat throughout most, if not all, of Supernatural‘s eleventh season.

The first episiode of the new Supernatural season, entitled “The Bad Seed,” will introduce a twist that leads Supernatural into some rather intriguing X-Files types of storylines. The darkness that consumed Earth in Supernatural‘s tenth season finale will draw the attention of an extraterrestrial being named Amara.

Amara will appear as a woman in her 20s and she is said to have “an acid tongue and a seductive beauty.”

Supernatural fans can already imagine Dean’s first encounter with this one!

It seems that the beings released when Dean opened the gates that kept The Darkness at bay are not only of the demon variety. The Supernatural mythos expands once more.

Supernatural will premiere in October on the CW network.

[Featured image: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles courtesy of the CW network/Supernatural]

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