Apple iPhone 6 User Says Device Exploded During Call

An Apple iPhone 6 owner in Gurgaon, India, has claimed that his brand new iPhone 6 heated up and exploded during a hands-free call. The owner, Kishan Yadav, stated that he was luckily able to escape unscathed after throwing the phone out of his car window.

The restaurateur reportedly bought the 64GB silver iPhone 6 from a well-known mobile phone store for $60,000 rupees ($945) on June 20. However, just two days later, he was talking to a friend on the phone's hands-free mode while driving, when he noticed sparks coming from the device.

Yadav then realized that the iPhone 6 had gotten really hot and so he threw it out his car -- and upon the phone hitting the ground, it exploded.

"My face could have got burn [sic] as the phone exploded in a matter of seconds," he told The Times of India. "When I threw the phone, the call was on and the battery was around 70 per cent."

iPhone 6 explodes
iPhone 6 after it over-heated and exploded

Yadav stated that he returned the charred iPhone 6 to the local store that he'd bought it from, but they informed him to contact Apple directly. The store subsequently told him to leave the damaged phone with them and promised Yadav that they'd provide him with an update.

And though it remains unclear whether or not he'd received a replacement for the iPhone, he later filed a report with the police.

iPhone 6 explodes
The Apple service center reportedly refused to register his complaint after the iPhone 6 explosion

According to the Times of India, this is the first case of an exploding iPhone 6 since its October, 2014, launch in India.

But, this is actually not the first time this has been reported. Ever so often, an iPhone or an Android may experience sever heating, which some believe is likely to occur when a faulty third-party accessory is used or a bad internal part.

A similar case to Yadav's happened in Long Island earlier this year, where a man suffered third-degree burns when his iPhone 5C exploded in his pants pocket and he was hospitalized for 10 days.

And last April, a man in Minnesota was hospitalized for over a week after his iPhone wall charger exploded when he attempted to charge his iPhone 5.

There was also another case last year, which involved a 13-year-old girl from Maine who had to be treated for burns after her iPhone 5C caught on fire in her pants pocket.

Other exploding iPhone incidents have been reported as far back as 2010 -- including an iPhone 4 catching fire and burning a user's hand during a recharging process.

[Image via Times of India]