Demi Moore’s Bikini Body Stuns: Actress Enjoys A Pool Day With Her Girls

Demi Moore’s bikini body has people talking about her today.

The actress spent a day out with her daughters, and they were dressed for the hot summer sun. According to Daily Mail, Tallulah Willis shared a photo featuring her mom and her sister, Scout, on her Instagram, and they were all dressed for the pool. Demi was in a bikini for the outing.

At the age of 52, Demi Moore showed her fans that she is still in great shape. Both her daughters were by her side, and it was clear that the trio were enjoying a girl’s day together.

How has Demi Moore managed to stay in shape over the years? Her roles have made it so that the actress had to be in great shape. Daily Mail shared about her workout habits for her roles in movies like Striptease and G.I. Jane.

“When [Demi] worked on the film Striptease in 1996, her regime included pre-dawn beach runs, weights, and yoga. She also had to do dance rehearsals for her role as Erin Grant which would often last for up to three hours a day. When she worked on G.I. Jane, in 1997, her trainer, Gregory Joujon-Roche said she would lift weights for two hours a day, as well as doing a daily six-mile run.”

She is not preparing for a role like G.I. Jane these days, but she is still keeping in shape. Her workouts now “are low-impact and mainly include yoga and Pilates,” according to Celebrity Health & Fitness.

She stopped her intense workouts in her 40s, and she realized that she was in better shape without the punishing workouts she was putting her body through, according to the report. Moore also includes a Vegan diet that consists of “organic vegetables, fruits, green juices, smoothies, and soups.”

However, a report from Woman’s Day credited Demi’s youthful figure to another source. The report claimed that the actress also uses Human Growth Hormone to help her keep her body in shape. The reported stated that Demi has not publicly admitted to using HGH, but she is a fan of the product.

The drug does have side effects though. Those include “extra body hair, abnormally large feet or hands, and even blood clots, diabetes, and heart failure.”

Demi has been in the news a lot in recent months because of her daughter appearing on the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars. Rumer Willis was a fan favorite from the beginning, and Demi and her father, Bruce Willis, both attended Rumer’s performances during the season.

Rumer Willis won the mirror ball trophy this season, and it was her mother than ran up to give her daughter a hug when the win was announced. Rumer was paired with Val Chmerkovskiy for DWTS, and he spoke with People Magazine about Rumer’s time on the series and the impact it had on her family in an interview following the win.

“[Rumer’s] DWTS run brought her family closer. That for me was the accomplishment this season – to see her family outside of their last names or their stature, but as parents, sitting there completely in awe of their daughter. For me that’s huge. Validation from a parent? To look at their kid with pride and say, ‘Wow. I never thought she could do that. Thank you so much for allowing us as a family to experience that.’ Being a part of that – that was the best part.”

Demi Moore shared how proud she was of her daughter after her Dancing with the Stars win in May. On her Twitter, she posted that she was filled with “love, pride and awe” over Rumer’s performance on the series. In a video shared on the series, she said even more.

“One of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed is watching [Rumer’s] passion become greater than her fear. It has nothing to do with her being my kid or Bruce’s kid. It has everything to do with just who she is.”

There are rumors that fans of Demi may see her on the Dancing with the Stars ballroom floor this fall. Hollywood Life shared a tabloid report that Demi may join the upcoming season because it will “reinvigorate her lagging career.” The source is a tabloid, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. Dancing with the Stars will name its new cast later this summer. Caitlyn Jenner has also been teased as possibly joining the series for its upcoming season.

Demi and her daughters did not always have a close relationship. A source told Closer Weekly that “Demi’s three daughters had a lot of resentment toward her growing up. They felt she was too concerned with her career and her own life to care about them.”

The split with Ashton Kutcher caused more of a rift between Demi and her children. However, she decided to turn her life around after a 2012 incident. It is clear that Demi and her daughters are as close as ever.

What do you think of Demi Moore showing off her bikini body? Are you a fan?

[Photo: Tallulah Willis Instagram]

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