Taylor Schilling’s Injury: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Injures Herself During Sex Scene

Taylor Schilling’s injury while filming a sex scene for Orange is the New Black has people talking.

The 30-year-old actress, who plays the character Piper Chapman, recently sat down to chat on Late Night With Seth Meyers where she detailed a recent injury she obtained while filming a sex scene with fellow actress Laura Prepon, who plays Taylor’s on-screen lover, Alex Vause.

Taylor Schilling’s injury, she said, happened when she became overly excited while filming the scene that showed her and Prepon going at it in the library. She explained that she ripped her shirt off, and in the process, she cut her face with her Litchfield inmate name badge.

“I hurt myself,” Schilling said. “I got very excited, I took my shirt off and I scratched myself with my little name tag.”

“There was a gash on my face — there was blood,” she continued, adding that the crew had to take an hour break from filming while she had the cut looked at and an accident report was filed.

Schilling also talked about her injury during an interview with Cosmopolitan U.K., the Daily Mail reports.

“I scratched myself — it was here,” Taylor said, pointing to her right cheek. “Yeah, I got scratched. It was awful. We had a scene where I had to take my shirt off and there was my prison tag, and I gouged my cheek with my prison tag. And we had to just add the scar into the rest of the [season].”

“Naturally when you’re doing a love scene — especially a hate-love scene where you’re beating each other up — that’s an interesting dynamic…” Prepon added. “Those scenes are always so technical, especially where Taylor and I have to beat each other up.”

“One time she caught and there was blood on the cheek. Her name tag went up and hit her face,” Laura continued, recalling the incident. “We were laughing about it. Doing a sex scene and then a tag cuts her face, it’s kind of funny. It’s interesting to portray that when there’s an entire crew watching you, tweaking everything.”

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