Tori Spelling Shares Revealing Bra Selfie: It ‘Fights The Sag!’ [Video]

Seems Tori Spelling has a new product to endorse. The 42-year-old star of True Tori and Beverly Hills, 90210 posted an almost-naked night time selfie on Instagram, showing off a new bra in her home boudoir on Wednesday.

According to the Daily Mail, Tori can be seen posing in the selfie in a sexy black halter strap bra that highlighted her robust chest, her slim, tattooed waistline, and firm abs. Despite her rock hard body, it seems not every part of Tori’s body is as toned as she’d like it. In fact, Spelling posted that she needs the bra to “fight the sag.”

“Luv summer nights!” Tori excitedly wrote in the caption “Got the kids 2 bed & Loving my #Nightlift Finally a bra that is super comfortable & cute & fights the sag while U sleep!”

Fans weren’t buying it though, with many seeing the sexy snap as merely an endorsement.

“Seriously? Nice promo for a bra. How much $ you get for this?” wrote one suspicious viewer about Spelling’s bra selfie.

“More endorsements….now a bra pic to sell something? Someone grab a bucket of water this chick is THIRSTY,” another fan wrote about the bra pic.

A Tori supporter, however, jumped to Spelling’s defense about the actress’s bra selfie.

“So the haters on here do realize she has almost half a million followers. So if a company has her endorse something that’s as good as a commercial on tv.”

Tori has complained in the past about her money woes, stating she’s responsible for a lot of people — a weight that has her overwhelmed. In an October episode of Lifetime’s True Tori, Spelling explained why she accepts endorsements such as the bra selfie, reports Examiner.

“I’m overwhelmed with life. Sorry. I just feel responsible. I feel so responsible for so many people and I can’t do it. (I can’t handle) the responsibility of having to take care of so many people financially, the fear of that. (It) doesn’t matter. know people look at me and they’re like, ‘Oh, poor you.’ Like, ‘Boohoo, you have so many problems.'”

Tori’s father, legendary producer Aaron Spelling, accumulated a fortune by the time he died in 2006. Spelling was responsible for some of the biggest hits in television historu, The Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels, and Beverly Hills, 90210 (which Tori Spelling starred in).

But E! News reports that Tori and her brother Randy inherited only $800,000 each from their very successful father, leading some to speculate whether this is why Spelling accepts so many celebrity product endorsements such as her late night bra selfie pic.

[Photo from Instagram]

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