Miley Cyrus Raises Money For AIDS Charity With Caitlyn Jenner ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ Art

Caitlyn Jenner just got more of a media boost with Miley Cyrus raising money for an AIDS charity, selling her own modified and glittery images of Caitlyn in a good cause Tuesday.

Based on the now-famous Vanity Fair cover of “Call me Caitlyn” fame, the artworks, created by Miley, have brought in $69,000 on a charity auction for the US AIDS research foundation, amFAR.

Cyrus took the Vanity Fair cover and basically customized it, using sequins, glitter glue and feathers in what she called on her Instagram page last week a “werk [sic] in progress.”

Yahoo! News reports that each glittery piece of art was personally signed by 65-year-old Caitlyn herself with the amFAR Twitter account claiming this is the first time Jenner has used her new female name in an autograph.

The AmfAR Instagram account also posted a note about the auction.

“Tonight @MileyCyrus donated one of her latest artistic pieces featuring and signed by @CaitlynJenner – the first available autograph from Caitlyn herself. These special pieces were auctioned tonight with proceeds supporting our HIV/AIDS cure research. #CallMeCaitlyn #amfARInspiration.”

The three pieces of art, which Miley Cyrus called the “Caitlyn Collection went to an unnamed bidder at the sixth annual amfAR Inspiration Gala on Tuesday.

According to the Mirror Online, Miley even offered to show her left breast to the highest bidder at the auction as she says it is “oddly bigger” than her right one. Whether she actually did that is not reported.

Speaking at the event, Miley addressed the audience, saying that she hoped her charitable work to help end AIDS would make her parents, Billy Ray and Tish proud after all the troubles she has given them. As Cyrus received the Inspiration Award from Kenneth Cole she said, “I just hope this makes my parents proud and somehow makes up for all of the s*** that I did.”

The Inquisitr also reported recently that Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande are both getting involved in helping LGBT and homeless youth under the guise of Miley’s new foundation, Happy Hippie.

However it seems some are accusing Cyrus and Grande of “cultural appropriation” for their good deeds. It seems to be a case of “damned if you do, damned in you don’t” as Cyrus continues to improve her image via charitable work and her Happy Hippie foundation.

[Image: Mike Coppola / Getty Images]

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