BREAKING NEWS: Foo Fighters Cancel Remainder Of European Tour Due To Dave Grohl’s Broken Leg

Foo Fighters have just recently announced that, because of Dave Grohl’s broken leg, the remainder of their European tour, including the Glastonbury Festival, has been cancelled.

Grohl, in an open letter to the many disappointed fans, told what exactly happened, according to Rolling Stone. “Wound up feet first over the Edge (pun intended), dropping about 12 feet, dislocating my ankle and snapping my fibula like an old pair of take out chopsticks,” the singer added. “Whoopsie daisy. Not good. Without realizing the extent of my injuries, I stood up to get back onstage and crumbled like a sack of Joe Theismanns (look it up, kiddies). That s**t was B-R-O-K-E.”

Grohl felt so bad about injuring himself, he didn’t want to further disappoint the 52,000 fans at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenberg, Sweden. Grohl was told that he needed a cast to secure his dislocated ankle and keep his fibula in place since it had already been reset. Grohl convinced the medical staff to get him in a chair to let him finish the concert. “Let’s just say that singing our song ‘Walk’ with a straight face was pretty goddamned hard,” he wrote — he called it “the single most bizarre Foo Fighters show in the entire 20 years of being a band.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that Grohl was then taken to the hospital to complete setting his ankle, make sure the broken fibula was set properly, and then have six screws inserted into his leg to hold everything in place. Grohl was then advised to “lay low for a few days,” which led to the cancellation of the next two shows, the June 14 Pinkpop Festival and the June 16 AFG Arena in Switzerland.

Now, since Grohl’s leg will require more rest due to the screws, the following concerts have been cancelled as well; the June 19 & 20 concerts at Wembley Stadium in London, the June 23 concert at BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, the June 25 Festivalpark Werchter in Werchter, Belgium, and the June 26 Glastonbury Festival.

Grohl wrote, “I’m really so sorry, guys. You know I hate to do it, but I’m afraid it’s just not physically possible for me at the moment. We’re doing our best right now to work out a plan, so bear with us. You know we’re good for our word. But for now, I need to make sure we have YEARS of gigs ahead of us…”

Grohl finished his message with a message to Kanye West concerning Glastonbury. “Kanye…..Imma let you have this one…”

All medical indications are that Grohl will recover fully, but it will take some time.

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