Square Enix Debuts New ‘Just Cause 3’ Trailer At E3 With Firm Release Date

During the Square Enix press conference at E3 2015, a new trailer for Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3 was debuted. In the trailer, players are introduced to everything this makes the game distinctive. Expect explosions, a beautiful tropical setting, Rico Rodriguez’s trademark grappling hook, and much more.

Of course, Rodriguez is in the fray again to return an area to a peaceful non-militant state. This time, he’s working to take his mother’s homeland back from a nefarious dictator named General Di Ravello. Medici, the island Rodriguez is trying to liberate, is a Mediterranean paradise with clear skies and crystal waters. Players will get a chance to cause a little destruction on the island in an effort to shut down military bases and free the people from the general’s grip.

Map size is a big selling point for the Just Cause 3 player base. In the trailer, it is mentioned that the island of Medici is over 400 square miles of exploration whether Rodriguez glides through the skies, traverses the island, or takes to the water. The setting and size of the map were further discussed by the game director earlier this year as the Inquisitr reported.

Just Cause 3
Rico Rodriguez doing what he does best in Just Cause 3

This time around, Rico Rodriguez has a few new tools in Just Cause 3. He still wields a grappling hook but it is a smarter, more useful version that the one found in previous entries. Players can still attach one end of it to pretty much anything in the world and connect the other end to something else. In Just Cause 3, though, multiple grappling hook lines can deployed and connected. This is something players use to accomplish with the use of mods as PC Gamer points out.

Rodriguez will also have access to a mobile “gun rack” on his back, his parachute will be more maneuverable than in previous entries, and he comes equipped with a wingsuit. In fact, the player will be able to use both one- and two-handed weapons from the parachute in Just Cause 3 letting them shoot things like rockets from the air.

The trailer did more than just capture a small part of what players can expect when it launches. It also revealed a release date for Just Cause 3. Players can plan to play as Rodriguez fighting for freedom during this holiday season. To be specific, the game is slated to release on December 1 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC according to the trailer and the game’s official Twitter account.

Are you looking forward to taking control of Rico Rodriguez to help to island of Medici?

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