5-Year-Old Billy Lee Has Terminal Brain Cancer, Family Seeks Help To Spend Last Few Months Together

For 5-year-old Billy Lee, life has been tough and he has spent more than half of it battling an aggressive form of brain cancer. After realizing his latest treatments were not working, his parents decided to focus on making him happy.

In their efforts to fulfill their son’s last wishes, Billy Lee’s parents set up a Go Fund Me account to raise funds and make his dreams a reality, hoping he can truly enjoy the last months of his short life.

Billy Lee was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer called medulloblastoma when he was 3-years-old and has been battling the disease ever since with brutal rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. However, during the last round of chemo — which was very hard on the 5-year-old — doctors informed his parents that the treatment wasn’t having the effects they had hoped for.

Chris Lee tells Yahoo that after consulting Billy’s doctors, him and his wife decided to stop all of their son’s treatments.

“We talked to the doctor and tried to find other options but there weren’t any treatments that were viable. We decided to think about quality of life and try to make him happier.”

On their Go Fund Me page, Billy Lee’s parents describe how at the age of five, the boy has had a long and painful battle against the brain cancer. He had undergone five surgeries and several relapses in the last couple of years, and has unfortunately become immune to treatment.

“The doctors have estimated we have three months left with our son. Our plan is to stop working as much so we can spend everyday with him while he is still in shape to have fun. We will take him to play with all his friends when he wants to. When he asks for toy’s we will give it to him.”

“Our overall goal is to make the last days he has as enjoyable and pain free as possible. To give him what every kid wants but rarely gets. If there were ever a child that deserves this it is our son Billy. After all of the battles he’s had it is finally time for him to relax.”

Chris and his wife, Kellan will take time off their jobs to spend with Billy Lee and they will take him where he wants to go.

“…when he loves a toy, instead of telling him he needs to wait, we want to get it for him. When he wants to go to the aquarium, we want to go to the aquarium. We don’t want to tell him to wait, because waiting isn’t really an option.”

The family is limited on what activities they can enjoy with Billy Lee, because he is weak and sensitive to light and noise. Recently they tried to take him to watch the blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron and it was too much for him.

Chris says what Billy enjoys the most is being surrounded by his friends and family, so they are arranging a lot of play dates and barbecues. Billy Lee’s parents are hoping they will be able to take their dying son to Universal Studios to see the Transformers 3D Ride if doctors allow it and he’s clear to fly. This week the family went to Chuck E. Cheese, one of Billy’s favorite places and he really enjoyed it.

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