Omarion’s Son: ‘Megaa’s The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me’

Omarion’s son, Megaa, has shifted a change in the singer’s winds. Now a proud father, Omari Grandberry is loving every day with his family.

The Omarion you once knew may be about to disappear. It’s no longer the solo lifestyle for this singer. As a family man, Omari states that he’s loving it.

While at Summer Jam 2015, in an interview with Hot 97, Grandberry makes it clear that he’s one proud daddy. He states as follows.

“That’s my little man. It [fatherhood] is awesome. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You know, a lot of fathers say this — and I’mma go ahead and stand in the line — but it keeps things in perspective.

You know, it’s hard when you’re working on wanting to be good or great at anything. It’s like so much you have to juggle. But with a child, it’s like… it gives you a sense of, ‘You know what? I can do all of this work, but at the end of the day, it’s for him’. You know what I mean? So that’s what it’s all about for me now.

Like, I don’t get mad when people don’t return my calls. Or they say, ‘We’re not gonna play your record’. And I say ‘Okay, it’s okay’. It’s like one of those things. It give me motivation. So, I’m so happy to be a father, and I can’t wait to have more kids.”

Omarion's Son - 'Megaa's The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To Me'
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As the interview continues, the host asks if a singing career is something Omarion will push on his son.

There are parents that have goals in mind for their children. You’ve probably seen television shows like Dance Moms that show mothers who force paths on their kids. There are several celebrities who have done the same.

However, Omari Grandberry offers his take on the issue, as follows.

“Whatever he decides to do, I’m going to support him — like my mom supported me. I’mma tell you, he is musically-inclined. You ain’t seen the video where he’s doing the Flicka-Da-Wrist?? Yeah, on my IG. You gotta check it out. I think he would have an edge.

Whether it’s music or anything, if you want to be great, there will be obstacles, barriers and things. You just gotta grow up.”

From the looks of things, Omarion thinks it would be nice if he did pursue a similar career — as it’s in Megaa’s genes. However, he says that he’s not going to force that on him.

What are your thoughts about Omarion loving fatherhood? Do you think his son will, one day, follow in his footsteps or choose his own path? Feel free to share in the comments.

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