Eric Decker Confirms: Peyton Manning’s Arm Is Awesome

Denver Broncos receiver revealed on Monday that after various workouts with Peyton Manning there is “no question” that Manning’s arm strength has returned and that he is good enough to start in the NFL after undergoing three surgeries on his neck in 2011.

Manning was released to the Denver Broncos after the Indianapolis Colts chose not to pay him his $28 million roster bonus while likely taking their chance with untested Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

Manning signed with the Denver Broncos on March 20 after practicing with various NFL teams, a move that pushed Tim Tebow out of the organization less than one month after John Elway called Tebow the future of the Broncos.

Speaking on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on ESPN Radio Decker revealed:

“The guy’s still throwing the ball a long time, throwing it great, hitting you in the right spot,” while adding “He’s such a perfectionist. If he hits you in the belly button, he gets mad at himself for not hitting you in the chest. It’s unbelievable to be around a guy who has those standards for himself.”

Speaking of Manning’s well deserved reputation Decker revealed:

“He’s so precise with everything he does and there’s a reason for everything he does do. In workouts, in the weight room — I mean the guy’s jogging from station to station. He’s working like he’s a 23-year-old free agent coming out of college. The way he talks about football, the way he runs drill work, routes, everything’s gotta be perfect and there’s no gray area. I think that, as a receiver, [is] the best thing about it. You got a leader that demands the best out of you because he gives the best he’s got.”

Decker has a lot of hope for his new QB, the 25-year-old receiver racked up 44 passes for 612 yards while under the leadership of Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow, quarterbacks not on the same level as Peyton Manning.

In any case Andrew Luck likely has a new home in Indy, Tebow is now with the New York Jets and John Elway ended up with his man, basically nobody is out a job and we should expected some exciting 2012-2013 NFL play with Peyton Manning still throwing around the pigskin.

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