Chinese Police Dogs Form Perfect Line While Waiting For Their Food — Teach Humans A Lesson In Orderliness

A photo that surfaced on social media recently captures the moment that a group of well-trained Chinese police dogs demonstrate that they are capable of teaching humans a lesson in discipline and orderliness.

The photo shows six police dogs, including a black Labrador – which heads the line – and five German shepherds, sitting in a straight line with their plates in their mouths as they await their turn – no doubt with eager anticipation — to be served by the trainer.

Although it is not known where in China the photo was taken, the Daily Mail reports it was likely taken at a Chinese police academy. The news site notes that previous photos taken at a Zhejiang police dog training center show that dogs are usually required to queue up for their dinner.

Hopefully, the trainer rewards well-behaved dogs with an extra serving.

The photo received appreciative comments on Reddit. But the fact that the black Labrador was the odd one among the German shepherds caught the attention of some viewers, leading to humorous comments.

“If only humans could be taught to line up this orderly for food.”

“That lab in the front looks like it’s a random dog trying to sneak in for some free food, hoping no one notices it.”

“Sneaking in for free/more food, yup most certainly a lab: P.”

But the level of discipline and orderliness displayed by the police dogs should not come as a surprise. It takes a lot of discipline to be a police dog. Police dogs assist officers in a wide variety of law enforcement activities, including detaining criminals, sniffing out drugs and explosive devices, and tracking criminals over long distances.

The website Pets Loving posted a photo (see below) showing Finnish border patrol dogs performing the same trick in the 1940s.

Finish Border Patrol Dogs Queue Up To Receive Their Dinner In The 1940s

According to the Chinese People’s Daily, a trainer based in Hangzhou explained that some of the traits Chinese trainers look for in police dogs are a big appetite, good looks, courage, and possessiveness.

“A good police dog needs to meet these four requirements: good looking, big appetite, courageous and possessive.”

Last week, police officers from around China gathered in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin, in the Heilongjiang province, to attend a course in dog training.

Chinese police dogs are typically trained to very high and exacting standards.

These polite and well-behaved dogs should remind us of an etiquette of behavior in public places: That it is rude to jump the queue or try to demand service ahead of others who got there before us.

[Image: Reddit via Yahoo News;]

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