Ruby Rose Opens Up About Her Sexuality, Talks Gender Fluidity On ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Ruby Rose may have dominated Litchfield Prison as Stella Carlin in Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black; however, the actress is also taking the opportunity to educate the public about gender fluidity.

The Independent reports that within hours of the new season of OITNB dropping on Netflix, Rose took to Twitter to gush over the support she received regarding her gender fluid character.

“Woke up trending on Twitter and I haven’t seen the show yet got me feeling reallllll vulnerable right now! Hope you’re all loving the show.”

With her newfound celebrity status, Rose has been active in campaigning for openness regarding mental health, bullying, animal welfare and gender fluidity.

In regards to her character on OITNB, Rose recently opened up to Elle Magazine about her sexuality, telling the publication that she doesn’t identify as either male or female.

“For the most party, I definitely don’t identify as any gender. I’m not a guy; I don’t really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I’m somewhere in the middle, which—in my perfect imagination—is like having the best of both sexes.”

Hollywood Life reports that Rose came out to her mom as a lesbian at the age of 12 and previously revealed to The Guardian that she felt like a boy from a young age.

“As a little kid, I was convinced that I was a guy. I used to bind with ACE bandages, which is really, really bad for you. I was like, five or six? I was really young. I didn’t have anything there to bind! I used to sleep on my chest because I thought it would stop me from getting boobs. I used to pray to God that I wouldn’t get breasts.”

As for Rose’s character, Stella, on OITNB, Rose admits that she helps to bring another level of diversity to the ever-growing cast.

“She’s not the only androgynous girl on the show, but she’s the only person who really identifies publicly as being ‘gender fluid.’ People are talking about gender fluidity more and more now because once someone opens a door to something like that, people put their hands up and say, ‘That’s me! That’s my friend! That’s my sister! That’s my mom!'”

Currently, Rose is engaged to clothing designer Phoebe Dahl. When asked whether or not the duo have a “freebie list” in their relationship, Rose admits that hers would be “Angelina Amazing Jolie” while Dahl reveals hers would be Kristen Stewart.

Rose and Dahl are currently working on a new clothing project together, Scallywags, which provides consumers with gender fluid, gender neutral clothing options.

Watch Ruby Rose star in this powerful video about gender fluidity and tell us your thoughts of Rose staring as Stella Carlin in season 3 of Orange Is The New Black.

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