Urban Meyer Blocks A Car That Took His Parking Spot [Photo]

If there’s one thing Urban Meyer must hate, it’s when folks park in his parking spot. A new photo going viral online humorously shows what can happen when the Ohio State football coach had his parking spot taken. The popular photo was posted online by the Ohio State running back named Warren Ball, Jr. — and in the photo, Meyer’s car can be seen parked close behind a silver SUV that would have a heck of a time trying to maneuver out of that spot.

The fact that Meyer parked so closely behind the SUV that dared to park their vehicle in Urban’s assigned spot is lighting up Twitter. It’s especially interesting to note that the poor sap who chose to park in Urban’s spot had plenty of other parking spaces to choose from.

As noted by Warren, the person would then find themselves blocked in until Coach Meyer chose to leave and move his car. It’s an act that no doubt taught the person who took Urban’s space a valuable lesson about never parking in the assigned parking space again.

The simple tweet has been favorited nearly 1,000 times, and ESPN has picked up on the photo of Urban blocking in another vehicle in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center parking lot. As noted by the publication, the photo of Meyer blocking in another SUV shows that the Buckeyes leader is still working hard in the offseason.

As reported by the Inquisitr, instead of football being on everyone’s minds, the Cavs vs. Warriors series is the focus of most sports fans’ gazes these days. However, the viral photo of Urban’s parking lot lesson has garnered enough attention online to make it a trending topic on Facebook. Apparently, as a three-time Ohio State University collegiate national football champion, Meyer must feel like he has earned a parking spot that the head football coach should be able to call his own.

And while Urban’s name is lighting up Twitter, there’s no word on whose SUV Meyer blocked in to teach them a good lesson.

[Image via Twitter]

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