Amy Schumer Left Struggling Waiter $500 Tip — And It’s Not The First Time She’s Been So Generous

Some people would say that the purpose of wealth is to share it with others. Amy Schumer seems to adhere to that practice.

While out dining on Long Island last week, she reportedly gave a waiter a 1,000 percent tip, Page Six initially reported, which means Amy either hit a wrong button on her tip calculator, or is actually using her sky-rocketing success to do some good.

“I feel crazy lucky I’m in a position to do that.”

Schumer was apparently eating out at Peter’s Clam Bar with another person when she started to chat with the waiter. Given how gregarious Amy is, at least on TV, that’s not hard to believe. Talk turned toward the young man’s struggles.

During what a source has called an “engaging, animated conversation,” he revealed to Amy that he was working two jobs, including the waiter job, to pay for college, E! Online reported.

By the end of the night, Amy and her friend racked up a modest bill of about $50, but she left Ryan $500.

And it’s not the first time she’s done that.

The comedienne once “left a chick $600 on a $100 tab” simply because she was a “great bartender.”

But Schumer’s phenomenal tipping habits are also a result of her own past, which success clearly hasn’t erased from her memory.

“I waited tables for a long time, so when a waiter is sweet and does a good job I like to leave a really big tip. I do it all the time. I can’t believe it’s a news story but hey everybody should tip a lot that job is hard.”

Schumer has come a long way since waiting tables — Time identified her past employer as Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in New York City — and makes the job of comedienne look effortless and easy. To some critics, she is an inspiration for the downtrodden.

Schumer is an awe-inspiring voice for people who feel insecure or worn down by life, balancing her fearlessness with vulnerability and her unapologetic honesty with downright silliness,” Vanity Fair wrote.

Of course, Amy may have just forgotten standard tipping rule, or how to calculate percentages.

“My eighth-grade math teacher remembers me as a face on a dartboard,” she once said.

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