WWE News: Backstage Update On Former-WWE Tag-Team Champion Christian’s WWE Return

WWE has had to endure multiple injuries in a short period of time. Hideo Itami, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd, and Rusev are among the notable WWE superstars who succumbed to injury, minor or major, in the past month. It’s isn’t as if the moves are becoming more dangerous, but rather the freak accidents that are occurring inside the ring, or in Sami Zayn’s case, right outside of it.

The one injury that WWE is very careful about is the concussion. WWE even stopped Seth Rollins from using the Curb Stomp finisher, due to its high-risk involvement with the head. One WWE legend that had his history with concussions is Christian.

Many believe Christian retired from in-ring competition. While that seems evident, that isn’t true. Christian never officially retired from the WWE. Back in October of 2014, Christian was viewed as fragile by the WWE. Has that opinion changed?

In the latest update by E-Wrestling News, Christian hasn’t made his WWE return to the ring due to his concussion history, but a retirement match isn’t out of the question.

“Meltzer said that WWE could do a retirement match for Christian if they wanted to. The last couple of years the promotion stopped using him as he was getting too many concussions and that’s why they stopped using him.

There’s nothing stopping Christian from not wrestling again, but because of the concussions, WWE didn’t feel like investing any more time into the character.”

The last time the WWE saw Christian was in 2014 with his tag-team partner, Edge. Edge and Christian were both attacked by the Authority. After Christian was attacked, Edge got assaulted and nearly was hit with a Curb Stomp from Seth Rollins. Then, WWE officials said Christian and Edge were going to sue for a lot of money, but the lawsuit didn’t make it to WWE TV.

Does the WWE need someone like Christian now to help develop more talent? With the injuries that have occurred lately, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. If the WWE is worried about concussions, then it’s easy to tell Christian no. It’s not even official if Christian is a backstage trainer.

If WWE does want him in a role, the talent at WWE NXT would benefit greatly from his experience and success in the squared circle. He and Edge rejuvenated the WWE Tag-Team division and helped it grow to lengths never seen before. Hopefully, his head injuries heal and we’ll see Christian back inside a WWE ring.

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