Playstation At E3 – ‘The Last Guardian’ Is Actually A Thing And It’ll Be Out Next Year

At Playstation’s press conference at E3 2015, The Last Guardian was finally sighted after years of massive anticipation. The game that conceivably was never going to be released led the show for Sony in a move that is completely unprecedented.

The Last Guardian was met with wild and total applause from everyone in the LA Memorial Sports Arena, as gamers finally saw what was thought to be a game no one would ever see, let alone at E3. While Inquisitr previously reported that The Last Guardian was still in the works, most were cynical that The Last Guardian would just continue to be a running joke, that it was “in the works,” but never finished.

“I could not be happier standing here today. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this moment for you to see The Last Guardian,” Shuhei Yoshida exclaimed after the title screen, giving props to Fumiko Ueda, the lead on The Last Guardian.

The visual style that made The Last Guardian shine when first talked about at E3 2009, this was the first ever gameplay of the long-awaited title from Japan Studio.

The video showcased some footgage of the player and the guardian working in tandem to move throughout the map, the footage taken was from a Playstation 4 console, which is not surprising since when first announced it was going to be on Playstation 3. Furthermore, Sony seems to be confident they can finally deliver the game, with the company pegging The Last Guardian for 2016 release.

This is interesting to see Sony lead with the game, but not entirely surprising. The Last Guardian is likely one of the most hotly anticipated games of the past couple of years. As the first moments of the trailer started playing, fans roared knowing that they were finally seeing The Last Guardian for real. Some felt that Microsoft earlier in the day really brought the heat to Sony, and this must’ve been Sony’s wildcard to combat their gaming rivals.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sony handles finally re-announcing The Last Guardian, and whether they can finally deliver on the project. While Ueda might have recieved a standing ovation from fans, it also means that The Last Guardian needs to be worth the massive wait.

Look for more coverage about The Last Guardian, as well as Sony’s E3 press conference as the Inquisitr reports on-site from Los Angeles.

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[Image via Sony]

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