Domino’s Pizza: Slice Of Life For The Chosen

Domino’s Pizza decided to work on its PR image recently, and the company launched a documentary about its employees and also about itself. Sounds like a good idea, however, there is nothing in this world that can’t get spoiled by an accident.

According to the Inquisitr, the Domino’s documentary is a qualitative one and appeared just in time.

“This documentary will take an inside look and likely show a lighter side of the Domino’s pizza world. The 30-year-old pizza chain is in need of some different publicity, and this new documentary might be just what they have been praying for.

“Domino’s is letting the cameras roll inside the pizza shop, revealing a taste of daily life as a Domino’s employee and showcasing the unique character of employees and patrons across the company.”

The documentary includes the stories of many employees and told by them in person – showing the distinct impact of the company on their life paths, of course. According to the Mirror, the PR managers of the company obviously chose the most touching stories.

“Matt, 27, first started working at the company when he was 19 as a general lackey before being promoted to delivery driver and now manager, and he credits it for helping him change his life for the better.

“He even claims that he would’ve ended up dead if it wasn’t for the franchise owners taking him on and giving him a chance.

“My life was going down the drain. I was hanging around with the wrong crowds and people thought I would end up in jail.”

What makes this whole documentary look kind of fake is the fact that while some employees praise the company for the chances they were given, others work for this company for a laughable amount of money for hours without rest. According to Metro, “human billboards” hired by the company suffer from unjust salary and inhumane conditions of work.

“And police have now stepped in following allegations that some of these ‘human billboards’ are being paid just 30p per hour.

“It follows an allegation made in Daventry, Northamptonshire, about agency-employed staff holding Domino’s Pizza signs.

“Domino’s has distanced itself from the claims, but has launched an investigation.

“The company’s head of communication said a breakdown in translation could be to blame.”

Apparently, Domino’s Pizza doesn’t give that slice of life to anyone.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

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