Demetria Lucas: Mica Hughes And Daisy Lewellyn Are Not ‘2 A.M. Friends’

Some viewers may have been shocked to see that Demetria Lucas didn’t invite Mica Hughes and Daisy Lewellyn to her wedding, which was shown on Sunday night’s episode of Blood, Sweat and Heels, but Demetria herself doesn’t find what she did odd. As the episode aired, Demetria provided an explanation for not extending the wedding invite to Mica and Daisy.

Demetria tweeted that she’s simply not very good friends with Mica and Daisy. Demetria draws a distinction between friends that she can call at 2 a.m. and those with whom she’s not close enough to do that. She wrote that she was “shocked” to hear Mica and Daisy criticize her for not inviting them to her wedding.

When one person still couldn’t understand how Demetria left Daisy and Mica out, especially since new cast member Arzo Anwar and her boyfriend were invited, Demetria pointed out that viewers don’t see everything on the show. Demetria also said that she and Greg worked things out with Geneva Thomas.

Demetria also revealed that there were only 55 people at the ceremony portion of the wedding.

Geneva was initially dis-invited from Demetria’s wedding because Demetria’s fiance, Greg, didn’t want her there. Greg thought that Geneva was too disrespectful to Demetria when she and her friend, the other new cast member Chantelle Fraser, caused some noise at one of Demetria’s work events. On the finale episode, Greg finally agreed with Demetria that Geneva should get an invite.

Unfortunately for Geneva Thomas, she never made it to the wedding because she was recovering from the physical fight that she had with Melyssa Ford at Chantelle’s party a few days prior. At the yacht party, Geneva and Melyssa got into an argument, seemingly prompted by Melyssa’s anger that Geneva has previously made fun of her bad financial situation. As the camera panned away from the fight, it’s clear that the argument escalated into violence, as the sound of glass could be heard breaking. Melyssa screamed that her career was ruined, while a spectator said that Geneva was bleeding from her chest. Geneva was eventually arrested.

Geneva, who admitted that she used a bottle/ice bucket in the fight, later revealed that she was in jail for 24 hours and charged with felony assault. She also had to get stitches on her chest.

As TMZ reported, Melyssa’s representative publicly confirmed in October 2014, when the fight occurred, that Melyssa had to get staples to her head to close a wound. Geneva pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in April and received 10 days of community service as her sentence.

Will viewers see Demetria Lucas, who wasn’t at the yacht party, taking Melyssa Ford’s or Geneva Thomas’ side in regards to the fight at the Blood, Sweat and Heels reunion show? Will Mica Hughes and Daisy Lewellyn confront Demetria about not getting invited to her wedding? Unfortunately, there may be no reunion show at all. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Arzo Anwar recently confirmed that the cast has yet to hear on whether they’ll be filming a Season 2 reunion show.

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