Santa Ana Cops Caught Eating Pot-Laced Snacks During Raid, Making Fun Of Amputee [Video]

[Caution: The video above has some strong language that might consider NSFW.]

Cops in Santa Ana, California, have been accused of eating pot-laced snacks during a raid of a marijuana dispensary. According to Fox 23, the officers were caught on surveillance video putting food items in their mouths while on the job. The cops have also been accused of making fun of the owner, who is disabled. The report indicates that none of the officers involved have been placed on leave from the department.

“Sky High Holistic was raided on May 26 for operating without a permit. A cease-and-desist order filed in February had allegedly been ignored by the shop’s owner. The shop’s manager, Marla James, an amputee who uses a wheelchair, claims police made fun of her physical condition during the raid.”

The cops could end up being suspended or losing their jobs pending an internal investigation. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cmdr. Chris Revere seems to be keeping an open mind about the case.

“We’re obviously concerned about the conduct that we saw in the edited video. We’re also concerned that the video was heavily edited. We’d like to see the original video in its unedited version,” he said.

According to ABC News, several arrests were made, and employees were taken outside before the cops started their shenanigans. At one point, they are seen throwing darts — having plenty of fun on the job, apparently.

“He’s eating it right there in the marijuana collective. If you’re a police officer, you probably shouldn’t be eating things from a marijuana collective,” said lawyer Matthew Pappas.

Do you think these officers should face consequences for their actions?

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