‘Big Brother’ 2015 Season Spoilers: House Details Are Revealed, Cast Specifics To Be Released Soon

The Big Brother 2015 season begins soon, and rumors are swirling about what viewers can expect this summer. Will there be all new cast members or will some veterans return? How will CBS shake things up for the BB17 houseguests? Fans can at least now get a look at the design of the house for this next season, and it won’t be long before the cast is revealed as well.

Entertainment Tonight shares a sneak peek at the Big Brother 17 house. Every year the designers try to shake things up, and this year’s version of the house definitely has a different look and feel versus previous seasons. There’s a nightclub bedroom with deep red, purple and gray tones, and the curtains are made out of chains.

Another bedroom has a comic book theme, with custom-made artwork hanging on the walls. This room has a lot of black, but there are reds, oranges, and yellows throughout, as well. It seems this bedroom may have one big bed, versus three beds in the nightclub room. There are a lot of extravagant components with beach and water touches throughout the house, such as a 22-foot steel structure in one of the living areas.

BB17 production designer Scott Storey has incorporated a lot of mirrored Plexiglass, sharp angles, and modern features into the house this summer, and there’s clearly a lot of clustered seating to encourage conspiring and bonding. It seems that the show has mixed things up with the departure of a large, round table in the kitchen. Instead, there are I-beams put together as an eating area, and it seems there are multiple separate pieces turned into tables instead of one large table that will seat everybody together.

Houseguests won’t have to battle for space on the outdoor hammock quite as much this summer as the Big Brother 2015 house will also have an indoor hammock that fits three. The bathroom features a lot of comfortable seating and some unusual water-related elements, and there is a huge sand castle element in the backyard now.

The Head of Household bedroom is still upstairs, but there are significant renovations up there as well. The ceiling has been changed, and there’s a “Sky Bridge” and additional seating that should create some buzz among the houseguests. The HOH room also has some changes incorporating Plexiglass, and this look should have both houseguests and viewers talking.

The Big Brother 2015 cast will be revealed on Tuesday, June 16, and fans are dying to get some confirmations regarding who will be in the house this summer. Host Julie Chen teased some mild Big Brother spoilers with a snapshot of the first page of the first show script. The page teases a new twist that will have house guests scrambling, as well as the fact that there are new houseguests who will all be complete strangers.

Will this summer be full of complete newbies to the game? What will the twists be and will they live up to the hype? Fans will know a lot more come Tuesday morning when the cast is revealed. The Big Brother 2015 season kicks into gear on Wednesday, June 24 with the second episode coming right on its heels on Thursday, June 25.

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